"Getting Into God's Secret Place", and "Calling Upon Those Things That Be Not Yet, As Though They Were"

March 20, 2008

Gazebo with Magnolia Trees, Cordele GA


Lord, my precious God, I bless you and praise you and give you the glory and honor this morning.  I want to be 100% into this prayer and praise for you, because you deserve it.  Please forgive me that Iím sleepy and just getting started.  I wanted to do this first, spending time with you and giving you my first words of the day.

Thank you for making me a writer, and artist.  You made me many other things, but I knew since I was a teen that these things were mine.  Before the teen years, I think.  I wish I had understood their value and began working on developing a career and serious use of them, instead of recreational.

But in me the hormones and insecurities raged, so I floundered.  In the wilderness.  I wonder if that was my 40 years in the wilderness, wandering around looking for the exit door?  (smile)  At least I was looking for the way to stability and meaning what I said.  I wanted to make what I said I wanted, to be what I wanted all the time.  But I didnít know that either.  I was in the dark.

Thank you Father, for bringing me out of the dark.  Thank you Jesus for calling me and giving me your gift of eternal life and all that goes with it.  The power, authority and purpose Ė the new life, the new creature!  Thank you.

Thank you Holy Spirit, for dwelling with me all this time and putting up with me.  Iím sorry for what Iíve done to you over the years.  Iíve made you endure and feel things you should never have had to.

I praise you Father, for being pure and perfect.  I praise you for being the wonderful thing that I now desire to be like.  I want to be upright and honest and my heart longs to give up every crass and mortal thing that doesnít glorify you.  I am filled with crass and mean garbage Lord.  Like my house is filled with clutter and junk that I long to sort out and dispose of.  Please help me to get on with that task, but inside of me and in the house.

There were things about me years ago, that might have been good or nice, things I was proud of and flaunted.  But now I look back and I see so much crude and unrefined and immature things in me, (that Iím not even sure if theyíre gone), that I would be moved to loathing towards myself if I saw those things now.

As a very small child, I was even that way.  As far back as I can remember I was so rebellious and haughty, the oldest, the one who had to have her own way.

I was sure I knew everything.  I wonder, just wonder, if the kids in school treated us badly because of that?  Could it be because I really was ugly inside?  Kids are good at picking up on things, maybe they knew how ďoffĒ I was.

But the past is behind me and Iím thankful to you for that too, Lord.  I praise and bless your name, and blow you kisses for helping me to live through all that and not perish.  Not all of us were so blessed.  Susan W. died as a teen, and she never had the opportunity to find herself and grow past her sins.

Please forgive Susan W., Lord.  I forgive her in the name of Jesus Christ for any sin she has committed and if itís possible, please take her to heaven.  She was a good person.  She was kind.

Lord, now I think of Paulette and Anita, and those others.   There were so many children there.  I ask you to bless Paulette, Anita and all the other children from my schools.  Please bless them, I ask this in Jesusí name.

Lord, I long for your presence, to be in your presence, and in that beautiful cloud.  You know, thatís even more proof that I have met you, because the Jews talked about the cloud that was wherever you were.

I love that cloud and the feeling of purity and power that is with it.  Not just that.  Itís how INTIMATE it is, this feeling of being with you.  You donít treat us as strangers, or formally as your servants.  You treated me as your intimate friend, someone who knows every secret, every thought, and was completely comfortable with me.  As if I were and had always been completely comfortable with you.  Yet, there was the air of power and mystery too.  You are most definitely GOD, as well as my best friend.


I wish I could share that feeling with others.  I wish they could all know how wonderful and meaningful, intimate, precious and intelligent you are.  I wish they could feel their little lives against yours and know both that youíre greater, but that weíre safe in your heart and arms.


There is such family feeling, like a real Father caring for His babies.  The smile that presides over us, the joy of watching us as we learn and grow, and the pride in our accomplishments.  I hope I get things right Lord, so you can be proud of me, and ruffle my hair as you pat me on the head.  I want to lie against your breast and be held safely in your arms.  I want to find the quiet, safe place under your wing that the psalms praise you about.

I love that spot.  I love that safety of being with you.  I cannot, and I donít think anyone is able, to be in your presence and NOT change.  ALL the problems fade away, all the worries and cares, and sins and angers, EVERYTHING changes when we are in that special place.

Weíve been going about everything wrong.  Weíve been wailing and begging and crying our prayers out without touching you.  Weíve been emotional, yes, but we havenít stopped first and found that secret place to get into, the place of praises and worship.  THATíS how to get our prayers across and answered.  At least thatís where the healing is, the change is.  And we come to you for change, because weíre in pain over what is going on in our lives.

I want to come to you for many more reasons Lord.  I want to come to you just to say hello each morning.  I want to come and bring you my accomplishments to show you.  I want to ask you if this is right, have I got each idea right?  I want to ask you to show me your secrets.  (ďRead me a storyĒ in human terms.)  I will come and say, show me today something marvelous Lord.  Show me something more that I can praise you for!!

Every day you do just that.  As I watch TV, they show worlds under the sea, creatures that I have never heard of, and beautiful places I never imagined.  I see babies born to wild animals and I see habitats that only your eyes have seen until the cameras recorded it for us.

Every day almost, there is some new discovery that I see and I know YOU are a wonderful, marvelous, amazing God.  Awesome God.

Eileen calls me most days, and she tells me what youíve told her.  I marvel at the insight and the deeper meaning.  I love you Lord.  I love you Jesus.  I love you Father.  I love you Holy Spirit.

Yes, I feel in my heart that I know you.  All and each of you.  I feel the familiar and the wonderful presence of my precious Lord.  Do other people feel this Lord?  Have they found you too?

Maybe in all worship, there is a glimmer of the divine, even in all churches?  Perhaps I should not say you are not there, just that at Stanís church there is MORE of you manifested or present.

I donít know, but I can give MY testimony.  In all the years of church going, and all the churches Iíve been to across the US, I have never seen you or felt you before.  But now at Stanís I found you.  I felt and saw the cloud.  I felt and heard your voice and touch.  I felt the humor and intimacy, and I felt your power.  YOU were undeniably there.

It was not a face, not a human type image, but a cloud of presence or a BEINGness.  I felt you, I sensed you.  I know that you touched me.

Thank you Father.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

Today Lord, I have to turn my thoughts to the day and what I should be doing.  I have an aversion to this.  I know my house is a nightmare.  I am concerned with Chris and his toe.  Please heal Chris and make his toe well.  Please take away all infection and pain.  Please take away the swelling.  Thank you Lord.

 * personal prayer removed for privacy *

Thank you Lord.  I praise your holy name!  I know you will do all these things, I ask in Jesusí name, and I put my faith and trust in you for their completion and for our safety and provision. 

I am asking all these things in the name of Jesus, and I believe you are providing them now.  I believe we have what we have asked.  I accept it thankfully and bless you for it now Lord, and I stand on this.  On the promise in scripture, that BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED and that WHATSOEVER WE ASK IN JESUS NAME, BELIEVING, SHALL BE DONE FOR US.

I call upon those things that be not yet, as if they were.  I call upon these things all, in faith.  I bless you and I bless all these areas and things.  Please also include in this prayer, my sisters Mary, Angie and Eileen, and their family members, and Phyllis and her family members, and our friends, relatives and the people who have come to me over the Internet.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  I bless and praise you Lord.  I bless and praise you Father.  I bless and praise you Holy Spirit. 


THANK YOU!!!  IN the name of Jesus.  AMEN