These images are some artwork I made on the computer with a paint program.   I suppose what makes anything "art" is when it's either meaningful or pleasing to the artist.

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As you move your mouse over each picture, if the cursor becomes an arrow, you may be able to click on the image and enlarge it for better viewing.  I'm going to upload some of the larger ones that might be interesting to you.



      Adrift                                Mountain and Sea

(Click on image to enlarge)



     Leg in the Night             Swamp under the Moon

                                         (Click on image to enlarge)




            SS                                    My Universe



    Party Background                     MS Ball



    MS Contoured                        Kaleidoscope



    MS with Noise                           MS Outlined



        MS Soft                                        My Rose



                            Old Barn



                    Wild and Windy



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