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December  2009

New Year's Edition

God Bless You!

Happy New Year


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Having problems?  Job problems?  Family or relationship problems?  Health or financial problems?  No matter what you're going through, the Bible tells us something that God said about that situation and how you're supposed to handle it.  We're instructed to speak back to God the words He has already spoken about it, INSTEAD OF getting off into fear or offense.  

You need to know the promises that God made, and what He instructed us, so you can be victorious in your life.  He said when we use His Words, the angels respond immediately and get working on our problems.

Use the Faith Confessions here to get the words to speak back, already written as affirmations.

Hello Dear Readers,

Here it is, New Year's Eve and I had SO wanted to get this finished and live before the new year began.  :)  I hope you all have the kind of year ahead that brings fulfillment, accomplishment, success, resolution to problems, new beginnings and opportunities for greater joy and purpose.  

I hope that all of your needs are met swiftly and that as you study God's Word, and be obedient in even the small things, that you begin to hear His still, small voice, and take direction from the Spirit of God.

Maybe it's just my age, but the old ways of doing things are seeming more ridiculous as time goes on, and the reasons for doing them don't hold weight anymore.  Holidays for instance.  I've watched from a distance this year and I can actually say that everyone around me were much more sensible in buying at Christmas.  There really wasn't enough money to buy things with and much was donated from churches and individuals.

We were all blessed, had plenty of food, our bills paid and a few small things for the children as a treat for Christmas.  

For holiday meals we ate sensibly, as if it were a regular day, and we basked in the peace of that decision.  :)

What we HAVE held onto tightly is our new tradition to begin each day with a pre-recorded gospel message from one of several favorite preachers, and comparing scripture, getting the concept of it deep into the heart.  (We have our DVR set up to record our LCCI church program, and Creflo Dollar daily.  Occasionally we record Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Copeland or others.)

This has proven extremely worth while, as God has honored us and sheltered us with protection and prosperity because we highly esteem His Word.

I dare you to step out in faith, watch a good gospel message on TV, or ask us for a CD, so you can break through the natural reluctance to let God into your living room.  At first, our iniquity and the memory of our recent sins makes us draw back from the Light, but after you get into one show, you'll know that it's good food for your soul.  

God is NOT holding grudges against us, and He's SO willing to forgive you.  It doesn't matter what you did last night or what you thought this morning, God is prepared to apply the blood of the cross to your situation and make everything right again in your life.

The choice is yours, (daily), my friend.  You can have everything that God has prepared for those who love Him, and you can walk in His presence at His side, reaping all the rewards of having a King for your daddy.  Or you can choose to think you're hiding out from His face, and play roulette with the rest of your life.

Tomorrow is the funeral of one of our family's friends, who died suddenly yesterday at the age of 83.  I'm thankful she was saved, loved the Lord and believed in Jesus as her savior, but I'm sure she had plans for this New Year's Eve and Day.  I'm sure she didn't realize that before the new year came she would be with the Lord.

It made me think hard about death, because I'm always telling myself it can't happen to me yet because I'm not ready.  :)  Oh yes, I'm saved, I SURELY believe in Jesus, that He died for my sins.  But I'm not ready to give up living, trying to "win" at this game of Life, and I'm not finished preparing my children to live on without me.

After a lot of thought, I had to reluctantly admit that death comes regardless of our readiness or knowledge of it.  The only way to prepare for it, is to make sure Jesus is your savior, AND that you accept His sovereignty to call you home at a moment's notice.  If we lived our lives with joyful anticipation of meeting Him, then it wouldn't be such a shock to our families when they get the word that we've gone.  After all if you are talking to your beloved Savior all the time in front of them, they'll be comforted that you're safe with someone you love.

Regardless, it is NOT God's will that you be sick, or that you die!  He wants us to live and be prosperous, to have all of our needs met and to live so victoriously in the image of Christ's character that everyone who sees us feels drawn to Him.  We represent Jesus today on earth, and if the Spirit and anointing isn't flowing through us, and the Word is not being preached through us, how will the world be saved?

You have an assignment on earth, a calling, and a unique set of talents and gifts to carry out your mission.  The urging in your heart will lead you to what you should be doing.  It's what you keep coming back to again and again, that can be used to bless others and show God's love as His ambassadors to earth.

Our number one job is to KNOW God, and the number two job is to MAKE HIM KNOWN.

Are you getting closer to knowing Him?  Do it today.  Just talk to Him.  He's listening.  God bless you!

News at my house:

More tooth troubles!  When we went to the dentist on the 18th of December, they cleaned Chris' teeth but didn't do anything about the one that was hurting.

Chris suffered through the month, finally having to have antibiotics again and prescription pain meds, so on Christmas Eve and Day he was so sick he couldn't chew or eat, and had started vomiting from the pain meds.

We've gotten some practice in with praying and casting out this toothache, as we wait for the holidays to be over.  The plan is now to find a doctor nearby who can sedate him to pull the bad tooth.

Monday the 28th he finally woke up to no pain, and has been 2 days now with his old smile back!  Praise the Lord!

God has been SO good to us through it all and we know this is the relief we've been waiting for.

Chris and I are tending to the things of the Lord.  We study every day, listen to CDs from our home church in Albany (you can watch the videos here) and are ramping up our own ministry.  

Chris also wants to set up a telephone ministry for handicapped people and shut ins who are lonely, that he could talk to them and encourage them.  He certainly loves to talk on the phone!  If you or someone you know would like to talk with him, email me and I'll set up a phone call.

Our prayer for you is that you will receive every single blessing and empowerment available in His Kingdom and receive it now!  God's "LIFE" is now, faith is now, there is no need to wait.  Believe, and close your eyes to the circumstances around you, see only His promises and HEAR His word (speak it out loud).  This will build your faith and faith will set you free.

Write to us, send us your prayer requests and know that we, and Jesus, love you!

101 Free Weight Loss Tips!
by Christopher Guerriero

I have some treats for you in this issue, and here is one of them!  I receive emails from a man who has made his life's work studying and teaching people how to be happy and healthy, in mind and body.  

He's got an incredible amount of information on his site to help you do just that.  One of his articles is the 101 Free Weight Loss Tips above and I've copied a few of them here for you.  

There is a link on the page to go to his site and read the whole article.  I hope you will do that!  It's really good, things you probably haven't thought of.

God bless you and have a GREAT New Year, with a New YOU.

Click HERE for more.

Drug facts site

Here is information about a group that is bringing awareness to the public of the good and bad about prescription drugs.  To read more, click below:



Daily Gratitude

I want to introduce you to a man and a free ebook that teaches right along with the Bible.  The Bible says we're to approach God with Thanksgiving and Praise, in other words - Gratitude for what He's done and doing in our lives.  It's easy to get so busy and work so hard that we don't even credit our Lord for the miracles that happen every day for us.  We can begin to believe that it's all about US.

Creflo Dollar, TV evangelist, said recently to his congregation that if anyone out there thought that their college diplomas or their great job, their great looks, talent, what have you... was responsible for creating the breaks they're getting or the good life they're experiencing, that he would pray God would remove his hand from them for 30 days to give it a test.  He said let God take away the angels that run interference and prevent accidents and sicknesses we don't even know have endangered us, let God stop opening doors and guiding us into the proper paths, and let Him stop prompting us with His still, small voice, and see what happens.  He said THEN come back and say it was YOU not God!

So meet Wes Hopper, author, teacher and encourager, through one of his inspirational emails that I receive.  I hope you enjoy the ebook you can download for free, Spanish or English version (pretty cool, huh?)  Click HERE to read more. 

Happy New Year!



Lisa Tyler


Mark Christopher Tyler, "Chris"

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