"Creating Abundance Through Thanksgiving by Adjusting Your Brain Wave Frequency"


I’ve been agonizing (literally!) for several years about whether to stay here in this house, or move to something better.  I have the same problem with my cars, and the things I get involved with to do.  I don’t make decisions well, and I tell myself it is because I am so "balanced and meek".  

What I mean by that is I see both sides of everything, and have tried to cultivate a personality that doesn’t get upset, or want too many things.  Well, I haven’t succeeded in not wanting things, but I’ve accidentally blinded myself to opportunities and shut off my will power to choose. 

So I was talking with my sister Eileen about the wonderful forces of the universe God has put into place to serve us ("ask and ye shall receive", and "whatever you focus on grows larger", "whatever you believe becomes your reality", etc.), and she was worrying about people who were starving, or having such a hard time with their lives. 

We talked about Jesus feeding the thousands with a few fish and loaves of bread.  Knowing and believing it is possible, what is missing in what we’re doing in our own lives? 

Someone gave Him the material to work with (yes, a boy or someone fished to get the meat and someone made the bread), but it didn’t necessarily have to come from the people who were enjoying the food. 

He blessed the food and broke it up – sharing it amongst everyone.  First He was thankful.  He blessed the food, with a light heart, joyfully, giving thanks for what they had.  They didn’t say anyone complained that it wasn’t steak, so obviously they were thankful to receive from the Lord. 

I realized that what is missing in my life, the thing that stands in my way of having a better house, a great car, etc., is that I’m not thankful for what I have in the right way, and I don’t choose what I want.

I say "thank you" for a roof over my head, but I complain bitterly that I don’t like this one's faults and want to move.  (I don't LIVE out my thankfulness.  Actions speak louder than words.)

I’ve been like a child who is mad at her parent for providing a toy in the wrong color or quantity, or of the wrong brand name. 

Wallace Wattles wrote a book in 1910 called the Science of Getting Rich, and he put it in human, non-religious terms.  He said you can’t move up or improve your position in life until you completely fill where you are.  (Sounds like something the apostle Paul said.) 

Whatever your job or station is, whatever your title, or position, if you’re not living it with gusto and enjoying every minute and every detail of what you now have, you won’t draw better. 

Conversely, if you ARE loving your life, living it with joy and praise, thanksgiving in your heart daily and truly “filling” your shoes, how can you NOT advance?  It makes sense that the universe as He set it into place, (or God moving directly), will bless you and this attitude will draw more abundance to you.

We talked about that some more.  It began with a discussion of a Canadian scientist who claims to have invented an antigravity device.  I believe you’ve already seen some of his inventions, if you’ve seen the flashlights that don’t require batteries but just a tapping or shaking to activate.  (Sounds like a battery he made and is selling to various countries.) 

The so called antigravity machine uses a combination of magnetism, radio wave frequencies and some of Tesla’s electrical technology, to disrupt or change matter at a molecular level.  He claims to have been able to melt metals without heat, and bend them like they were made of jelly. 

There was a man in the early 1900’s who came from Europe to a small town near Miami, where he carved and built a “castle” from coquina rocks that weighed tons.  He worked by himself, and used no tools except simple hammers and chisels, a tripod with a box on top that’s use has not been explained, and a hand cranked generator. 

You’ve probably heard of the “Coral Castle”.  I believe it’s near Homestead, Florida.  The man had to move his huge stones at one time to another property about 10 miles away.  He borrowed a pickup truck, but again worked alone in the night, so no one could see him.  He believed that if governments knew how to do it, they would use that knowledge to create more weapons, so he took his secret to the grave. 

I believe it’s also the way the pyramids were built, using an understanding of frequencies and electrical magnetic fields and the simple batteries they had already developed at that time. 

My sister in law’s family a few miles from me, claim to be able to bend metal spoons with their thoughts, like Uri Geller, and that they can teach anyone how to do it.  I called them today to make an appointment to go see them and find out what they are doing. 

Anyway, the whole point of this boiled down to several Bible verses in which God tells us how the universe works.  Reduced to a simple formula it would be this: 

1.  Praise Him with Joy and Thanksgiving all day long!  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!  (Align your mind with God’s frequency.) 

Instead of working harder, and struggling, since He promised to feed us and clothe us as He has the birds and flowers, our “work” should be praising Him and singing psalms.  Not only because He deserves our praise and thanks, but because brains work on electrical currents that have frequencies, and if you adopt a joyful, happy attitude, you are aligning yourself up with the will (or frequency) of God. 

If you think of it as a huge power station or radio station, you’re tuning in to the power of God, the power to accomplish whatever success you want.  It works for those who believe in Jesus and those who don’t.  (Believing in Jesus and asking in His name brings benefits and power beyond this level.)

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and several other great thinkers of our time say it this way: 

Whatever you focus your attention on, grows or becomes more real.  Whatever you take your thoughts away from, diminishes.  Also that whatever you hold onto in your mind, as your “intention” will be drawn to you, or you to it.  Opportunities will fall into your path. 

I’m sure you’ve already experienced some of these strange things happening haphazardly in your life. 

In God’s terms it translates to:  “Whatsoever a man thinketh…”, “Whatsoever you shall ask in my name I will do…”, and when Job said “That thing which I feared most, has come upon me.”  Small wonder, right?  Whatever we focus on is drawn to us.  It becomes our belief, our faith.   (So watch what you expose your brain to!) 

The more you can visualize something, the more real it is too, because they say our subconscious minds can’t tell the difference between our real actions and our fantasies.  (Jesus said that whenever we lust after someone in our hearts [mind], it is as if we committed adultery already.)  

Athletes, actors and businessmen hire personal coaches and psychiatrists, motivational speakers etc. to help them go over and over their coming "victory" enough times in their mind that they cannot miss or fail during the real performance. 

2.  “Make your requests known before God.”  Make a choice and move on it!  Dwell on these things. The Bible says all things are allowable to Christians, some are not as good a choice as others, but no matter which you choose to do, God will get behind you and back you up, providing the power if you simply choose a direction or intent. 

State them, speak them, talk about it with certainty as if it were already so.  “Abraham called upon those things that were not yet, as though they were.”  

When you are living your life with joy and childlike wonder, you are in a "peak state", or a higher vibration rate, so state your intention or goals at that time.

Tell God what you want, (not that He doesn’t know, but YOU might not.Once you’ve cemented the thought on paper or in prayer, the universal forces of God can go to work and create the reality for you. 

This is sending out a message with the frequency of God’s power.  Broadcast it and everyone and every spiritual force around you will accept it and march in step with you. 

God’s kingdom is ever in constant motion, moving forward and fulfilling God’s will.  If you’re comfortable in your seat or pew, and comfortable with the status quo, you could actually be losing ground and going backwards. 

The parable of talents tells us what happens to those who try to stay where they are, and hold onto what you have now.  That which you have will be taken from you and given to someone who has more. 

To please God, you have to LIVE.  Some people call our time on earth being in “school” or going thru a test or trial.  Some people liken it to allowing God to live thru our lives and have the experiences we have.  I also think of it as a parent accompanying their child to Disney Land or a birthday party where they can observe the joy and surprise of their beloved when each gift is opened. 

To not use this life is to leave your presents unopened!  How can God be pleased with that? 

So live your life as if God has placed you in a wonderful interactive playground where you can learn and grow.  He paid dearly for your ticket in to Paradise Land, and He wants to make sure you enjoy it.  

The beginning of all “dis-ease” begins with NOT enjoying the gifts you were given. 

Happiness and good health is equal to doing what you’re passionate about and love to do.  The opposite of that, or the result of NOT being happy, is sickness and death.  Death is the default condition, which is what happens when you don’t pick something you love to do.  Again the parable of the talents:  “That which you have will be taken away and given to someone who has more.” 

(Consider this:  All matter in the universe is in a state of constant decay unless it has a life force and will to accomplish a purpose.  When the will, or mind of a creature leaves the body, the body very quickly decays.  As soon as we are made, we WOULD be instantly dying, but instead we’re young and happy and full of hopes and dreams of what we want to accomplish tomorrow.  This is our life force.  Added to that is the command to go forth and procreate, so we set into effect the desire to LIVE instead of the default to decay. 

Our bodies obey on a molecular level, the brain wave frequencies and thoughts of our minds.  We know when we get angry or depressed that sickness, aches and pains follow immediately.  Our brain and body's cells are in constant communication with each other. 

So if we don’t constantly fill our hearts with spiritual material (hope, faith, our dreams) as well as earthly food, and desire to LIVE to the fullest, we WILL die. 

I choose to Live and serve the Lord my God with all my heart, and be so busy rejoicing that I won’t notice when He calls me home.  I plan to just step over the imaginary line and be in His presence.) 

3.  The two most important commandments.  Love God with all your heart and mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. 

Do you remember Jesus answering a question about the commandments with this statement?  He said if you do these two, all the others would naturally be taken care of.  There is nothing left to fear or “work” at. 

Don’t forget this command presupposes you know to love yourself, which some of us westerners haven’t quite learned to be comfortable with yet. 

To NOT love yourself and do what is good for you, is to deny the value of the gift of life you were given. It’s an insult to God, who loved you above everything else in the universe, enough to sacrifice His Son for you. 

I have had a bad habit of telling my son that he must try harder to apply for a better job and make more money.  This is in direct contrast to what God commanded us to do. 

Our command from God is to go forth into all the world and teach every creature about Him and show others what He has shown us.  Healing the sick, feeding the poor, clothing the naked, etc. are all by-products of the activity of going forth in joy, expressing God to the world. 

God said “Be still and know that I am God.” Jesus said don’t worry about what you’ll eat or what you’ll wear, that God knows you have need of those things and will provide it. 

HE is the provider, HE is the job, the paycheck and the progress.  HE gives the children and the material wealth, but these are nothing by themselves.  Jesus said to FIRST seek the KINGDOM of God and all these other things will be added unto us. 

If we haven't found the surplus and abundance yet, it is because we were looking for it on our own strengths, and because we aren’t thankful for every little gift.

What is the KINGDOM?  It’s the STATE of BEING, of being in peace and abundance and security no matter where we are and what is happening around us. 

It’s being a child of God, purchased and secure by the blood of Christ, and knowing fear, guilt and shame no longer. 

A certain lady I know locally, tries hard to convince me that at any second my salvation can be snatched from me, if I say something wrong, or do something wrong, if a “wrong” thought passes thru my head or if I fail to attend church.  We had a lengthy discussion about it, but I could not dissuade her of her belief. 

I ask you, if salvation were that insecure, what would we have to be thankful for?  How could we possibly believe the verse that says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love…” 

The Holy Spirit is SEALED (that’s the word the Bible uses) with us till the redemption.  Once He is with us, NO man or thing can separate us from God ever again.  With our baptism and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we’re passed from condemnation unto life and it is our DUTY to live it with joy!! 

The next time you are sad, depressed, sick or bored, stop yourself regardless of how you are actually feeling in the body!! Begin to praise God and thank Him.  Walk thru your house singing a made up song of praise and thanksgiving, naming off every article and event you can think of that should be mentioned before God.  Thank Him deeply and sincerely for these things. 

On purpose, by mechanical means if necessary, put a smile on your face and keep it there.  By the very simple act of smiling, your body will pick up on that muscle position and begin to FEEL the joy you are claiming.  (This is a proven scientific fact, you know.) 

My new motto, and something I plan to stencil on my wall in the kitchen is:  

Sing, Dance, Be Happy! 

I can’t take credit for the words, Eileen spoke them to me and as so often happens when we’re talking, words and understanding fall in front of us and feel so right.  I have no doubt that the Spirit is whispering into our conversations and hearts, bringing us to the place He wants us to be. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving every day of your life!


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