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"It was a hot August day in the garden.  The bees were busy making honey in the old tree stump down by the mill wheel.

I heard Papa calling the geese, but even they weren't moving very far from the cool water.

I just laid there on the bench, partially hidden by Mama's huge camellia bush, staring up at the deep blue sky.  All the sounds of life around me, the hum of late summer, signs that I was only a small part of something much bigger than myself."

Oh!  Pardon me, I was just writing on a story... Please do sit down in the shade and share a glass of iced tea with me.  While you're resting, please feel free to peek at the pretty things on the left.  I have portraits, landscapes, silly cartoons and some computer generated art.  There's even a coloring book or two that I've been working on!

Email me and let me know what you think.  Take a look back at the Home Page for the links along the side, and make sure you get the gifts I've left there for you!

Come back and share another afternoon with me, real soon!


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