Praising Him Despite Chaos Around Us 

March 19, 2008


Dear Lord, I praise your holy name!  Thank you for the dreams that remind me to get in line with your will.


I love you Lord, I love you Father, I love you Holy Spirit. It is crowded and noisy in my house, but I know I want to praise you and I need to.  I want to get it in before more chaos comes.


Lord, you are great and wonderful and merciful.  Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty, I bless and praise your holy name and extol your virtues and your righteousness.  I donít know all the words Lord that are appropriate and good to praise you with, but I know what is in my heart.  I know you are the head and the master and I am your body and your bride.  I know you are the leader and the lover of my soul.  I long to follow you and to do your will.


Please help me to do right and to turn away from evil.  Please help me to cleanse my heart and mind of error and filth and everything that is contrary to the righteousness and mind of God.


I cherish our time together.  I need to honor it more and do it quickly, especially in the morning when it truly is quiet and you can speak to me.


Please help me remember to do that Lord.  I love you and praise you Father.  I love you and praise you Holy Spirit.  I love you and praise you Jesus.  You are worthy of our praise, worthy truly worthy of my attention and my love.  I am your servant.  Lead me where you would have me to go.  Fill my hands with the work YOU would have me to do.  Let me honor you and praise you every moment of my life in all that I do.


Let thy will be done, and they kingdom come.  I Know Lord with certainty and faith that you are providing for us all, and for our safety and abundance and our spiritual growth.  I know you love us and that you are continually with us.  We donít walk alone, we walk in your Spirit and in your presence.  Thank you for letting me see your Glory and the cloud of your glory.


You are my Lord and my God.  I praise you.  Please help all the people we have talked about today.  Thank you Lord.  In the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen. 


Magnolia Bloom