The Secret Garden Letters - February 2009

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Bible verses of hope, comfort and healing

Faith confessions, scripture turned into affirmations, with power and assurance 

My Prayers - Use them to pray along with me, or get ideas on new words to exalt and worship God

Our testimony of our previous major healings

Covenant of Hope Online Church - read online or listen to audio.  Participate live during church broadcasts.  Rev. Laura Neff is an excellent writer, inspired by God, and her messages are deep and thought provoking.  Prayer requests, talk to a live person.

"Come by and hear or read the sermons at the following locations."

Rev. Laura A. Neff, "The Rainbow Minister"

To access the mychurch site, there is a brief sign up page, but you will not receive more spam.

Prayers of Taizé - download or listen to whole services, prayer and music.


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