"How To Raise The Dead"

27 Spine Tingling How-To Ideas For The TRUE Entrepreneur

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  • How to live like a millionaire on a bum's salary
  • Body parts you can sell in a pinch
  • How a string bikini can bring in $2000 on weekends if it doesn't get wet!
  • How to make your own wine and beer
  • Lose 5 lbs a week while enjoying your body
  • How to cure cancer by every means except modern medicine!
  • Wackiest American ways to make a living!
  • What the government is looking for on your computer
  • How to Raise the Dead (the sexually dead)
  • Managing the discreet affair, simple guidelines for survival
  • and much more!...


Buy now for just $9.97 from BookLocker.com!

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