The Secret Garden Letters - February 2009

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We've just discovered this site for families with short videos showing how to make craft items and gifts.  It's a charming homemade site depicting children doing crafts with their mother.


Our Own Tip:

If you're making a paper chain, try cutting the strips of paper with pinking shears instead of regular scissors to make it more exciting to look at after it's finished.

Our homemade ornaments:

We take 2 white pipe cleaners, cut them into halves, then take 3 of the pieces and bend them around each other to form a 6 legged "star".  Then we thread beads on them (using both long and round beads, colored but transparent).  Fold the ends back on the bead so the beads don't fall out, and tie a piece of string to form a hanger.  They make lovely tree decorations or gifts.

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