Short Story Collections

Once Upon an Enchanted Bedtime 

For children

(instant download pdf)


Once Upon An Enchanted Bedtime - $5.95

Contains 6 sweet and inspiring stories and 2 poems for children that uplift the spirit and teach manners, good behavior and love.  These are the best and most exciting children's stories in my collection so far.  

Fall in love with a Leprechaun King this afternoon, or defeat an evil Maharaja, go fly a tree with your family pet, or build a ship that will take you far out among sea monsters!

  • Satina's Ribbon 

  • The Last Wishing Box 

  • The Chicken Tweed Coat

  • The Weeping Moon 

  • The Very Last Smile on Earth 

  • Donkey Toes and Horse Feathers

  • Doggy in a Tree

  • Farmer Ferdinand's Fabulous Flying Finches



Once Upon An Enchanted Evening

(instant download pdf)


Once Upon An Enchanted Evening - $5.95

Contains 8 stories:  horror, sci fi, romance, fantasy and western.  

Meet the family who REALLY know what they're made of; ...what happens when you aren't careful what species you invite to a wedding; ....a robot with a love addiction;  and so many unforgettable characters!  I believe you'll love these stories and come right on back for more!

  • The Family Reunion

  • June Bride

  • Son of a Glitch

  • The Pet

  • Sepia

  • The Transformation

  • The Tomato Tree

  • Voices in a Kudzu Forest



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