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Simple, easy to use, fast and very effective

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Our Testimony Page - list of the 12 major miracles we've had so far (more happening all the time!)

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Food as Medicine
Long before drug stores and supermarkets, there was medicine.  God made it, learn about it. 

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Natural Cures

Meds and Info - Natural Diabetes Info

Dr. Ben Kim

Do a search online for more natural cures but be wary of any advice.  Check with a doctor or pharmacist before trying a new supplement or cure, to make sure it won't interact with your other medications or conditions and that it is in fact safe to take.


Many people can't afford to go to a doctor, or buy their medicines, and feel totally abandoned to suffer and die.  The doctors we do go to, often have no clue how to treat us, misdiagnose us, or think we're only in their office to beg for some kind of drugs.

I've thought about this problem for years, and something didn't add up.  Aren't all people supposed to be valued equally?  Aren't we all supposed to help our brother and our neighbor when they are in trouble?

We've only had modern medicine for a relatively few years, and people have managed somehow to do pretty well on their own with the exception of the godsend of Penicillin.  

So what is going on?  Why would God have created a planet and stocked it with everything we'd need for the first few thousand years and then leave us helpless and at the mercy of the dollar and the doctor down the street?

God promised us health, provision for our needs, long life and joy all our days, if we follow His commands and walk in the Spirit.

The truth didn't really come home for me until my husband got throat cancer and we began going to a church that taught us to turn our lives around.  With one 10 or 15 minute message, that preacher planted a seed that changed our lives immediately.  He said we had to give up the right to be sick.

If you're like me, you probably did a double take and had to read that over again.  We have to GIVE UP our RIGHT to be sick!

We were at the doctor's office more than once a month, and all of us were on antibiotics at least once a month, for YEARS!  We were deathly sick all the time.  One son had scarlet fever 3 times.  We had strep throat every month or two.  Allergies, heart problems, you name it!

Pastor Stan Glass of the Life Christian Center International in Albany GA gave us two lists of Bible verses that had been turned around into affirmations, meaning if it says that God will heal you, you read it like "I am healed by God".

My husband went down front to be prayed over and God touched him so dramatically, in 3 weeks the tumor that had taken away his voice was gone.  The doctors had said it HAD to be cut out, that it was very advanced, large and growing fast.  

Well, you can read our story here, but I'll just say that in that 3 weeks, we learned to pray differently, and to use those verses.  You can find them listed here on a page called Faith Confessions (link along the left of this page).

During this time, that familiar old sore throat, fever and burning lung sickness came on me as I was driving to work one morning.  Instead of wailing that I was sick and should go home, I began to speak out loud to my throat.  I talked to the tissues of my throat, glands and all my cells, and commanded them to shrink and return to normal, to reject all bacteria and viruses and function perfectly as God had intended, in Jesus' name.

You can laugh if you want to, but I immediately felt my throat tissues shrinking back to normal, and by the time that 10 minute drive to work was over, I had the fever under control and was able to work comfortably.  The part of the sickness that involves the lungs (that usually takes a few days of burning and filling with fluid, then 3 weeks of coughing to clear it out), jumped ahead to the end of the coughing period.  In other words, very little built up in my lungs.

Several times over the last few years I've done the same thing, and we pray for people all over the world using those verses.  We've seen so many miracles that we can't count them all any more.  (There is nothing special about our prayers, yours are just as powerful, because God listens to those whose hearts are seeking Him.)

We also use other techniques with prayer, that may seem almost as strange to you, but work VERY well, are proven clinically and are actually being taught by doctors and nurses around the world.  One is called EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique).

It's a simple method of tapping on a few acupressure points on your body, making a loving or forgiving statement to yourself related to your pain or problem, and almost instantly most pain and trauma lifts away.

It's so amazing and it works on almost any kind of problem, emotional or physical.  See the page on EFT to the left or write to me for more information.

We also use a product called Miracle II neutralizer.   A few years ago, a friend sent me a small sample in the mail of the Neutralizer liquid and the green soap.  I was afraid to use it, I didn't really know if I could trust something that you could either bathe in or drink, to help heal my body.

I have a handicapped son and he was very sick.  He was on antibiotics with the usual strep throat symptoms, but the medicines weren't working and he kept asking me over and over when was he going to feel better.

So I got up the courage to put 2 or 3 drops of the neutralizer clear liquid into two cups of coffee.  I went into his bedroom and gave him one, and we both drank the coffees with the neutralizer in it.  Within 5 minutes his fever had broke, his throat was no longer sore and he was back to playing his video games.

If it had worked for just me, I'd think it was the placebo effect.  But my son didn't know about the neutralizer, and he wasn't able to have preconceived notions about things, so it was really a miracle and a great help to add to our prayers.  In fact, the Miracle II products were revealed to their creator in a vision, and the staff who make it pray over each batch before they send it out.  It's anointed, and it really works.

Miracle II products can be found and purchased online at several locations.

God provided everything we need on this planet to be healed of anything that can go wrong.  In Tibet and many other countries in the world, they've been healing cancer and the big horrible diseases that are killing us off by the thousands each year, for centuries!  The only reason you aren't being healed is because you don't know where to look for help.

Our doctors can't always help us because most of them are only reading from memory what the AMA taught them in medical school, and the big pharmaceutical companies don't want them to know that there are natural cures for things.  (Dr. Ben Kim is an exception, find his link on left.)

The pharmaceutical companies can't patent the cures God made, so they copy natural herbs as closely as they can, and produce pills that are imperfect and have side effects, that they can charge you for.

So what's the answer?  Moving to Tibet?  NO.  Learning what techniques heal you regardless of what problems you have will help you more than making more money to buy more pills, OR traveling to specialists in other countries who can use medicines on you that aren't approved for use in the good old' USA.

The bottom line is, it has to WORK, it has to be very cheap or FREE, and it has to work for EVERYONE, or it's not a genuine cure as intended by our Maker.  

I have nothing against going to a doctor, but your health is YOUR responsibility, no one else's.  God gave you the body and the life, and He expects you to come to Him with your problems, and live a clean life to the best of your ability.

It also goes without saying, that some of these ideas at the left will work better for some people than others, depending on your belief system and background and that I am not a doctor, nor intend to diagnose or cure your problems for you.  Check into everything, be wise and take responsibility for your own life.  

Please check out these links and keep checking back on this site and my other sites listed below for more information.  

Write to me by email with your prayer requests or questions  if you like. 






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