Life as Medicine?

Necessary Disclaimer To Protect Those Who Might Be Influenced to Stop Taking Their Medications Suddenly Without Contacting Their Doctor, Because Of Reading This Article:

This article is NOT meant to diagnose or treat any condition and IS NOT meant to convince you to stop taking your medications.  NEVER start or stop a medicine or any health program without consulting a licensed medical doctor.

I am not a licensed medical practitioner, I am only a Christian minister and these are my views.  I am not an authority on your health or that of anyone else.  I assume no responsibility for what you do with this information or your life.  Consult your doctor for advice.


You won't believe this...but then maybe you will.  You may have heard how screwed up our medical system is here in the US (and seeping into other developed countries).

Here's yet again, another proof that the pills they're pushing on folks are useless, dangerous and designed to keep your money in their pockets.

Referring to the health news alert HERE on the dangers and uselessness of the drugs Zetia, Zocor and Vytorin... 

I wonder how many of these drug company nightmares we're going to have to endure before we finally get the message that most of us just don't need drugs.

There is either a natural cure in the plant kingdom or in a simpler lifestyle that will cure us, or...we might go back to the instructions we were given in the Bible.

Wonder what that is?  First of all, God gave us the promise that if we seek Him and turn towards Him completely that He will heal our land.  Second, if anyone DOES get sick, we're instructed to go to the believing elders of the church and ask for healing.  They are instructed to anoint us with oil and pray over us for healing.  God promised that He is faithful and rewards obedience.

Sounds too simple?  Well, it is, there's one more little catch.  If you wondered why Jesus didn't just sweep His hand and heal everybody on earth when He was here 2000 years ago, the answer might make you angry.

He only healed those who ASKED Him.  He only healed those who were seeking to be whole. 

(Now are you angry with Him or yourself?)  : )

The deal is, we actually create our illnesses and our problems by the choices we make.  The foods we put into our bodies, the time we spend sitting on our tails in front of TV or computers, stressing over things we can't change...etc.  And the reason we've done those destructive things is because we don't have a clear idea who we are, what we're doing here or what we want to be doing.

Most of us just live blindly from day to day.  We fall into harmful relationships and we are not always honest.  When we tell a lie, or when we deny ourselves what is best for us (in our decision making), we kill off our bodies a little more, a little more.

So to be healed, you have to be ready to be WHOLE.  (I ask myself this too as I write this.)  The sicknesses people have actually accomplish a purpose.  They fill a need or they take up time and distract us so we don't have to answer that question of "Are you ready to be well?"

They also take the responsibility out of our hands for why we're not living the life we'd rather be living.  That is IF we didn't rather be right where we are and sick and poor, and hating life.

Because the truth is, (whether you want to admit it or not), we each make our own lives what they are.  We have created our own reality and set our own limits.

Yes, you can go beyond those limits, but not if you don't wake up and realize that there is more and you can have it.

Our souls are asleep and dulled into submission by clever advertising and the collective thoughts of our fellow man.  You are REALLY in a matrix movie of your own.  YOU are Neo and you have the choice to wake up and unhook from the dull cow mentality, and to chart a course into fulfillment and perfect health.

Here's another catch.  It's not easy.  There is work involved.  It won't be instant either.  You can get instant healing at the church with the many ways God said you can be healed.  But the overall process of being READY to change your life, might take a few steps to get there.

The GOOD news is, that every step you take, every breath, every new discovery about yourself - even the painful moments - bring joy and peace, and MORE healing.

I have seen it happen first hand, with about 300 people at the church we sometimes attend in Albany.  The people sought God and determined to turn their lives around.  I watched them become younger, lose weight (without much working at it), and look innocent and beautiful like we had turned back the clock to the 70's.

If I hadn't seen it, I might not be so ready to believe it, but I am a witness for you and I support you!  My prayers are with you, and God is FOR you!  What more could anyone ask?  God on your side...the whole world open before you and the way...all those obstacles you've worried about....

God will supernaturally remove what you can't move.  All you have to do is get started and the way He's set up the universe will serve you as if it were your private butler.

Now, read the warning about the drugs below and make sure your family members get this message.  Spread the word, they lied to us again, and we're through being lied to!

Today is TRULY the first day of the rest of your life.  After you've made a note to warn your family, get a piece of paper, or open a word document on your computer. 

This is how to figure out what to do with your life.

Write down on the paper all the things that you are absolutely passionate about, that you could talk about without tiring for hours.  What is it you love to do, and always go back to doing?

(It's even ok if you write down sex, there are plenty of careers and heroes in the sex department.)

If you can't think of what you really love, write down what you really HATE.  What gets your goat and engages your emotions.  Do you want to change something or stop something bad happening?

Now, go back over your list, and circle the top ones, the ones you have the most emotion over.  Of those things, keeping them in mind, close your eyes and imagine yourself addressing those issues, or living and doing the things you love.  What are you doing in your mind's eye?

If it is a hobby, or a career, write it down.  What does it look like?  What clothes are you wearing?

What needs inside you are you fulfilling.  Can this hobby or pet peeve be turned into a career?  If there is nobody already doing this, can YOU start a business doing it?

EVEN IF there is no way to make money from doing this particular thing you love, determine that you're doing to do it - often and passionately.

God will supply the money and the way to make a living as long as you're doing what you're passionate about.

There's a bit more to it, and if you get this far and would like some help developing this idea into your new life, give me a shout.  I'll help.

Time for me to stop here.  God bless you and keep you safe.  Write soon.


PS, don't stop taking all (or any) of your medications suddenly because I said they're bad.  Call your pharmacist for information on ways to get off your meds safely, and talk with your doctor about alternatives to the meds.  (Such as exercise and diet change.)

Go see a naturalist, or a homeopathic doctor, and find out any consequences of stopping your medication.  Make an informed decision, and include FAITH.


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