How To Fight Sickness Spiritually

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You may know about the "Faith Confessions" on my Blessing Meadows site, and how powerful they are as affirmations, using the Word of God and applying it to your life.

I took out a few of them and categorized them for healing, protection and wisdom, money, and salvation.

There are a lot more in the whole group. (There are some for arthritis and heart problems, some for eyesight problems and cancer, etc.) You can find the whole group of them here: and the shorter list that is categorized here.

I know that sickness and fear are running rampant at this time, as the world heaves to and fro in uncertainty. WE do not have to be uncertain though, because God made us specific promises and they are still at work today. To actively trigger those promises, all we have to do is claim them. 

You do that by getting your words to line up with what God has said. That's all you have to do. Sound easy? 

Not really, because we've gotten into the habit of speaking doom and gloom, sharing our miseries and wearing our sicknesses like a badge of honor so everyone can see how much we've suffered.

If you monitor your words and the feeling in your heart as you speak them, even just for a day, you'll see how we have slipped into disbelief in God's help. We're adding collectively to the entire world's self destruction by participating in the belief that things are getting worse.

What SHOULD we speak though? We have to align our words with God's Word and then power is unleashed to pay our bills, to heal tumors and for our families to be rescued from their calamities. 

How can we speak in alignment with God's word, if we don't know what He said about us, and what He's specifically promised you and me?

This is where these affirmations come in. They are the scripture that was given for us, turned around into an action statement. So as you speak them OUT LOUD, and lay claim to them in your heart, you are stepping over onto the "Kingdom Road" instead of the world's path to destruction.

Here's the deal. We're ALWAYS talking, and we're either lining up with what the enemy said or with what God said. Both create in our world. 

Just as all the colors mixed together give you both white or black, depending on how you mix them, the words that you speak can give you either a bright and prosperous life or a dark and gloomy future.

It's not just our words, but the attitude of our hearts when we speak. We HAVE to get our "believer" inside to hook up to the certainty that although the world is going to hell in a hand basket, God's people are preserved and will enjoy abundant food, have their needs met, their bills paid and be experiencing a boom of prosperity and health.

Next door to you, the bubonic plague may be devastating everyone else, but your house does NOT have to experience illness.

What is illness, by the way? Since God created man to be in perfect health, and He said the wages of sin is death.  Sickness is actually the down payment on what we had coming to us. 

But wait a minute! Jesus was beaten before His death, and the Bible says those stripes He endured were for our healing. "By His stripes ye are healed!"

Then He died on the cross to take away every bit of sin from anyone who claims the sacrifice for themselves. (As simple as asking and believing.)

So if you're still sick, something is WRONG.

**We begin by asking "is there any unrepented sin in my life, anything I'm not doing right that I need to clean out?" 

Remember Jesus alternatively said "you are healed" and "your sins are forgiven you." They are interchangeable and indicate that when we get sick, we've stepped out of protection somehow.

**Then ask if this sickness gives God any glory. There was only one case mentioned in the Bible where sickness was not the result of sin (ours or our parents'). 

That was a man who had been crippled from birth who was healed and the apostles asked Jesus who had sinned, the man or his parents. Jesus answered that neither had sinned to make him crippled, that this sickness was to show God's glory in the healing.

Unless God is getting a lot of glory from your illness, it's not likely God wants you to be sick. Therefore it falls under the promises in scripture that He will keep us well if 

1. Confess our sins and turn from them.

2. Ask him for healing and believe that He CAN and WILL heal us. (Thanking Him in advance.)

3. Believe that it is DONE, we're healed and the manifestation is coming quickly!

4. Then LET GO of our sickness! Quit telling people about it. Quit living and framing our lives around our aches and pains or what doctors say and what medicines we're taking 

It means getting up and living! Now I understand why He said, "Take up thy bed and walk!" He was in that sentence commanding them to go forth and in their action, believe they were healed and they were of course!

Reinforce your faith with these verses, and speak them out loud. Search your heart and your life, remove anything that is hindering your healing. It might be something you feel 
guilty about and are punishing YOURSELF for.

Confess, repent and ask for healing. Go to the elders of the church, your pastor or other believers and ask them to pray over you. Either have them anoint you with oil, or do it yourself if they're praying at a distance. (Cooking oil is fine.)

**Next we speak to the illness, commanding in Jesus' name that it must go. 

**We stand on that in agreement with others, because what two or more agree upon on earth, it will be done in Heaven. We "stand" and do not let go of the belief that it is a done deal until the manifestation shows up. 

Everything starts in the spiritual (hidden) world, and then becomes solid and real in our physical world. Illness is no different. Your cold or cancer didn't come all of a sudden. It was wrought in the hidden places where you hide your thoughts and beliefs, and what you feel about yourself.

The Bible contains a curious statement. It says "if our hearts condemn us not..." It's we ourselves who banish ourselves into sickness, death and hell, because of our unbelief that this blessing God gave in the form of a Savior, isn't enough to save "me too".

It's important to realize that these promises of healing and prosperity apply to each one of us. All people can be healed but not all people WANT to be healed.

Jesus didn't walk up and down every street healing every single person who had a problem. He went about His business and those who wanted healing, and were ready to grasp the concept, came to Him. He healed every one and sent not one person away without help. But there were still a lot of sick and dying people in the towns He visited.

Some people learn the story of the fall of man so well, they don't equally grasp the restoration through Jesus.

So not all believe it is their right to be well and prosper, and some people use their sicknesses and problems to beat themselves up over their pasts.

We must grasp the truth, that if you've accepted Jesus as your Savior, you are FORGIVEN. There is nothing left from the past to agonize over. 

God has put it away and declared you free, but you may still be holding onto all the charges against you, ready to bring them up again as if you were the prosecuting attorney.

Remember the foot washing ceremony that Jesus showed His disciples? There was a message that went along with that. He said the man is clean once forgiven, but the feet get a little dusty on the road of life, so a quick wash takes care of that. 

He meant, every day repent of anything new and be continually cleansed by the fountains of Jesus' blood through your prayers and The Lord's Supper service. 

(There is healing in the Lord's Supper! Recognize the bread is for your healing, it represents the body of Christ that was beaten for you.)

Man was ejected from the Garden of Eden (at that time) to prevent him from eating from the tree of life and living forever. Not for God to stop providing for him. God was 
still there, instructing, healing and guiding him. 

When Jesus came to earth, He WAS the tree of life, and so He restored the Garden of Eden among men again. It is free for the taking. Jesus said come drink from the living waters, (Himself).

Sometimes our sicknesses are holding on because we have deep rooted beliefs that a certain kind of problem is incurable, or can only be fixed by an operation. We believed what the doctors said, that there was nothing they could do.

Guess what? They were RIGHT! There may be nothing THEY can do, but there is something God can do. 

I don't care if you have HIV, or a hardened blood clot, or a heart that is about to explode in your chest. There were people who had shriveled arms and legs, who were restored in a moment when Jesus touched them. 

Do YOU believe?

Every one of us has one of these deep rooted fears of a particular kind of illness. Each one of us must root that fear out and rebuke it in Jesus' name.

NOTHING can harm us if we're applying the Word of God to our lives!

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The following website is of our church in Albany and has video archived there that is the whole worship and healing service including great music. It will bless you and you can use it for healing. Contact them and they'll put you on the mailing list for CDs of their services, which is part of their free ministries.

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