Some Of My Favorite Links

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Art Supplies

Make your own T Shirts



NBC’s Deal or No Deal– you can win $10,000 every time the show airs on tv.



Gems and Beads

Face Painting, crafts and links to recipes for kids  


Check out the beautiful paper art designs at the following websites!

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String Art



Educational Links

Accredited High School Diploma by Mail - for all ages!

Accredited High School and College Courses Online or by Mail

Free Education Online, no costs, no books

Free Web and Internet Courses online (html etc.)

Bible Education

IT Training and Education - short tutorials (free)

Spanish, free online

Botany (wikipedia with links)  

Tutorials on joke writing, stand up comedy

Worldwidelearn online computer and web training

Free Online Math!

Free tutorials and courses online in various subjects, business, computer and home repair etc.

Wanna Learn - 350 categories of free tutorials and courses  Children learn to read online - great site!

Statistics Tutorials

Enchanted Learning - Membership  online encyclopedia made by people like you Information on the Muslim view of the end times  Quotes from famous people

Family information and help  

Finally Organized - Finally Free

The Fly Lady - Home, Life and Spirit organized in small baby steps

The Fly Lady - Flying Lessons


Games online  (Excellent phonics learning site for reading)

Sesame Street Games Online


wikipedia – search for freeware games

List of free MMORPGs

List of open source games

List of free first-person shooters

List of commercial games released as freeware

List of freeware games

Community to Discuss Video Gaming, brand new - be a charter member!



Pharmacy online

Online Pharmacy

Health News and Free Ebooks

The New Body News And Wellness Letter

Home Remedies  

Home Made Medicine Ebook

Similar to Biofeedback – Tone Generator – Use your computer speakers

Very useful way to get your computer to aid you in healing!!!

These are the charts where you pick what organs or diseases you need to work on, and set the frequency of your tone generator (the computer) to this setting and just listen.

Another site that helps you learn to set the sounds to heal your condition

The Science of Being Well



Video Explanation of EFT

EFT Homepage and Free Download

(EFT is VERY helpful for health problems, weight loss, smoking etc.)

Success beyond belief!  The law of attraction - dealing with the dark side


Weight Loss

Burn the Fat, Build the Muscle



1000 Ways To Make Money

Work at home plan - FREE book!!

The Science of Getting Rich

Free Advertising, plus make money clicking on ads

Be Totally Debt Free - Sooner than you think! (use the link to the calculator on the left to know when you can be debt free.)



Cordele Dispatch Online

WALB TV News - website  strange news 




One British Heart (scroll down page to the poetry)


Product Recalls

WALB TV News Product Recall Page


Publicity, Marketing, Advertising

Free tutorials, "How to write a press release" and much more!

Free Advertising, plus make money clicking on ads




Rescue Missions

Brother Charlie’s Rescue Mission  229 382 0577

(Shelter for men only, full rehab and counseling, thrift store)  Please feel free to donate.


Song Lyrics


Spiritual and Online Bible (online bible with search features) (great ministry and teacher)  






Weather Underground



Current Moon Phase 


Work at Home Jobs


Writers  (Catalog of where to sell your writing/art/jokes/cards) (Publishing company) (Publishing company) (Publishing company) (Publishing company)

Write a book on anything in 14 days


Dictionaries/Encyclopedias/Thesaurus Online


More Links to be posted soon, send me your favorite links too!


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