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An Email From Lisa Tyler To Subscribers Of The Secret Garden Letters, Sent 6/5/08


Hello my friends.  I thank God for your friendship and for your emails that let me know when something I’ve said hits the mark.  I want very much to be a service to God’s people, to all who live, all who are struggling and suffering, to show the way to peace and trust, and HOPE.

But it’s not about religion really.  Or piety.  Or pretenses and memorized verses, or traditions of men.

My messages are meant to be of JOY and LOVE.  All kinds of love, for all people, in all situations.  Even the times you don’t think God is interested, and you hope He isn’t looking.  (wink)

I hope my messages go beyond the piety of preaching and touch your heart.  I believe true worship has nothing to do with the religion we grew up with.  (Don’t panic, I don’t mean I want to teach you something other than scripture and truth.)

I mean it’s so much larger than can be contained in a church or a doctrine of any church.  It’s so much more meaningful than our ceremonies and our very best efforts.  It’s facing God within ourselves and knowing Him in the silent space, where we stand alone with our heart and are judged by our hearts, not our imagined righteousness or accomplishments.

And at that point, that very moment that we can see ourselves there, we begin the journey towards knowing the AWESOME LIVING GOD.

My own journey has been a colorful road with lots of potholes and boulders.  It’s been bloody at times, and tear stained at times, but I’ve known that Christ’s blood went before me and He’ll never ask me to walk where He has not already gone and declared it safe AND important to go.

I trust Him.  I want to trust Him with all my heart, even as we face our fears and age, and the constant arrows of the enemy.

Lord, give me more faith!  Give me more love.  Give me more Joy!  I love the verse “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”  It’s so very, very true.

I want to alert you to monitor your words carefully.  Especially when you are replying after someone has told you of an illness or problem they are facing.  What you reply can contribute to their healing or to their death.

We are all searching for a second; that voice in agreement with ours.  The words that we hear into our ears are repeated by our minds in idle internal chatter, and we second them, and make them a little more solid and real.

If someone has a symptom and you offer a diagnosis and fill him or her in on statistics and probable outcomes, you can influence the outcome of their life.  Peers have great power in our minds.  We believe them.  We love them.  We seek their approval. 

If you say anything at all, quote scripture. Say what GOD has said.  Build the person up; don’t repeat the doom of the world.

This is one of the dangers of television and the written word.  What you see and hear, you become.  If you’re a TV fan like most of us, you’ve been exposed to thousands of murders and hate messages, and medicine commercials that confuse and condemn us to death.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

These things that you take into your soul’s eye, are mirrored back in your life and they provide the material that comes out of your mouth as well.

I have been telling you that everything around us and within us, responds to our words and thoughts.  What you speak DOES change the physical universe around us, and now we have clinical, scientific proof of this.  (See links below.)

I have written on some experiments done in Japan on water, rice, microbes and a whole lake.  The results will amaze you.  Here is an excerpt:

“Yesterday I was searching for the links to the pictures of water molecules changing structure according to the words it was exposed to, and I came across other experiments that have been done that demonstrate once and for all that this world all around us, within us and everything we touch in the material world, responds one way or another to our thoughts and words. 

There was an experiment done on cooked rice, divided into two sealed jars.  The jars were labeled according to the words that were spoken to the rice over a month’s time.  Every day, two children would speak to the jars.  To one, the words “Thank You” were spoken over and over with gratitude.  To the other, the words “You Fool” were angrily spoken to it.

In one month’s time, the rice that had been spoken kindly to had fermented and was a beautiful shade of yellow.  The rice that had been yelled at had turned black and rotted.  The very microbes in the jar and on the rice grew and predominated according to what it was exposed to.

In another experiment done on sunflower plants, the same treatment was given to two groups of plants, (and there were control groups that nothing was spoken to).  Both the groups that were spoken to grew and produced seeds.  The ones who had been subjected to “You Fool”, had spiky shaped leaves, instead of the normal shape.  When the stems of all were examined, it revealed the “Thank You” plants had full fiber growth in uniform patterns in the cross section of the stem, but the “You Fool” plants had holes and an uneven growth pattern.

In another experiment on a lake in Japan (Lake Biwa) that had been having an annually recurring algae growth and pollution problem, 300 people gathered at dawn one day to speak words of peace and request that the lake be purified.  The before and after pictures of the lake water under a microscope showed HUGE changes in the structure of the water, and since that blessing of the water, the algae growth has not returned to be a problem.  The lake is cleaning itself up!

Now think of this.  If water molecules have been proven in lab tests to respond to a word written on a piece of paper or spoken to it, and it can actually move and change of it’s own will, what is happening with the water inside our bodies as we go about our day?

We are mostly water, you know.  Inside of each cell is water, and microbes are all through our bodies, and our cells themselves are intelligent and in constant communication with the brain.

Is it really so surprising that in this life where we watch television shows of violence and doom, and hear ugly language all around us, and where we speak hate and anger to our children and our neighbors, that sickness should be rampant?

I’m getting around to this point:  When you are presented with a statement or question from someone, or you are moved to open your mouth and speak, check what you are going to say. 

Make sure that your words are congruent with your stated beliefs.  If you believe in Jesus, SAY SO.  If you believe that God heals, then SAY SO.  If you are praying for a friend’s recovery, STAND on your beliefs and be congruent!  You can’t fool the water within.  You can’t fool the bacteria and viruses that are in our bodies. 

We haven’t EVEN mentioned the effect of our words on our little children’s brains.  Imagine that!  Every single mistake you are saying and doing is being programmed into those babies you’ve sweated and worked for.  They are your LEGACY.  They are the heirs to your dynasty.  What dynasty are you creating?  Are you building a castle worthy of eternity?  Or are you building termite mounds in city garbage dumps?

The words you speak when heard by another’s ears, are multiplied in their hearing because our brains repeat what we’ve heard.  Our words go very deep and are very hard to remove.  You can stand in agreement with healing, or in agreement with sickness and death.

Every single thing we need to know to survive and THRIVE on this planet is outlined for us in the Bible, but for some reason a veil of blindness has been over our understanding of the application of those words to our daily lives.

How to treat your brother, or a stranger.  How to forgive and why to think only on good and pure thoughts.  How to pray.  How to increase our income.  Yes, it’s there.  How to be healthy and have all plagues and problems diverted from your door.  It’s there.

How to have a healthy, thriving body, blessed and strong well into old age.  It’s there. 

Are we courageous enough to stand up and be different?  To USE the Bible as our guide and not just a symbol of our imagined righteousness?

When man and doctors and tax men all say, “No, it can’t be done,” GOD SAYS – “YES IT CAN.”

When your friends and family try to “help” you get well, are they repeating God’s words that bless and create health, or are they repeating Satan’s words of death?

What are YOU saying to your friends and family?  We all make mistakes but we can begin to change our thoughts and believe more on the miracle side than the worldly side. 

I forgive you if you’ve erred and spoken evil.  God forgives you too.  You would not be reading this today if an opportunity to change were not being given to you, along with forgiveness.  You too can say, “As for me and my house, WE will serve the Lord, HIS way.” 

I bless you in peace, in the name of Jesus.  I appreciate you just the way you are, and I find that you are special and perfect and wonderfully made.  I’m glad to share this planet with you! 

Some other words to bless your family and friends: 

Thank you!

I forgive you. 

I love the sound of your voice. 

I love your hair; you’re very pretty today. 

I know you’re going to do very well in that new job. 

I believe you have a bright future ahead of you, and I trust you’ll handle it just fine!  What can I do for you? 

Would you like some help? 

Do you need to talk? 

God is with you! 

God bless you.

I love you!”

Link to the experiment on rice:

Link to the experiment on Lake Biwa

Water crystals photographs

More photographs with excellent explanation of the phenomena

Look up these images and see for yourself, that God LIVES and BREATHES through His creation and that there is more UNKNOWN under the sun, than known.  There is enough yet to learn to fill every one of our days if we all became scientists.  It’s amazing how much more living there is for each of us to do!

If you think life is over for you, it will be!  If you think you have so much more living to do, then you will have! 

I vote for long life for all of us, good health, abundant wealth and resources to meet our needs, and the desires of our hearts granted.  I ask for love to be enjoyed by all, and kindness to be the beginning of each person’s personal peace.

Like the TV commercials say:  “Life begins at home.”

I hope I will always be able to inspire and encourage you to be the fullest expression of God's intention in your life.  Not so much what you will DO in your life, but who you will BE.  And that is all that is required of you. 

I love you, and I hope you're feeling really good today.  God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ, and your family and friends.  God bless everything you put your hand to and everyone who comes into your circle today. 

When you have time, read the following two articles on my website.  They have the faith affirmations, and the powerful message that God is for us and will restore peace, wholeness, health and wealth to you.



HUGS  Write when you can.



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