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Using your telephone, computer, Paypal account and mail box, you can create multiple small businesses, or just one.


Step by Step Instructions:

1.  Make a list of what you are passionate about and what you love to do.  

2.  Find out what business ideas already exist in those fields, or create something entirely new.  It could be a product, a store, or a book, a newsletter or consultation service, even a healing center. * * (See below.)

3.  Apply that passion to helping others, serving mankind or filling a need.

4.  Take stock of the tools you will need and what you already have.

5.  Get your message out to the people who will be most interested in what you have to offer.


** To get ideas of what you can do right now in your home to make money, starting TODAY, click on the book covers to the right.  You'll see dozens of ideas that range from the ordinary to the unique, and instructions on how to get started.

You'll also find exciting ways to save money, make things yourself and fix your body when ill health comes along!

Find perfect balance in your life both physically and financially.  Don't wait until disease and bankruptcy are at your door, take your life in your hands with the information in these ebooks and begin to enjoy waking up in the morning again!

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How To Raise The Dead

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*Some Adult Content Warning*



How To Have Great Sex While Cleaning Your House

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*Some Adult Content Warning*




Holiday Magic - Free Gifts All Year Long

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How To Raise The Dead

27 Spine Tingling How-To Ideas For The TRUE Entrepreneur

  • How to live like a millionaire on a bum's salary

  • Body parts you can sell in a pinch

  • How a string bikini can bring in $2000 on weekends if it doesn't get wet!

  • How to make your own wine and beer

  • Lose 5 lbs a week while enjoying your body

  • How to cure cancer by every means except modern medicine!

  • Wackiest American ways to make a living!

  • What the government is looking for on your computer

  • How to Raise the Dead (the sexually dead)

  • Managing the discreet affair, simple guidelines for survival

  • and much more!...

How To Have Great Sex While Cleaning Your House

A humorous look at real ways to make money, improve your life and have better sex, all on a working girl's salary.

  • Thirty Fun Things To Do With An Interfering Mother In Law
  • What To Do Right Now If You Are Broke And In Need
  • Fifteen Of The Best Ways To Make Money From Your Kitchen Table
  • Cook Your Food For Free Using A Cardboard Box And The Sun!
  • How To Get God To Speak To You
  • Build Your Own Island
  • How To Make Money With Your Recipes
  • How To "Steal" Anyone’s Artwork And Make It Totally Your Own
  • How to Make Money With A Cemetery!
  • Stencil Your Way To A Fortune
  • Talk Your Way Into The History Books
  • How To Bury Yourself While You’re Still Living And Save Money
  • How To Make Money With Your Crafts
  • How To Fall In Lust Again
  • How To Have Great Sex While Cleaning Your House
  • How To Make A Fortune Dancing Naked In The Rain
  • and much more!...

Holiday Magic - Free Gifts All Year Long

Free Gifts - How To Find Them
How To Make Money With Them
How To Trade Your Way To A Jolly New Year

  • 61 Crafts Ideas With Stencils
  • Free Stuff In Your Town
  • How To Hold A Barter Party
  • Christmas Carols
  • Family Activities
  • Best Related Web Sites
  • and much more!...










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