Wednesday December 26, 2007

In appreciation of God, all that He is, 

and all that He has made















Our God Is An Awesome God


I lift my hands and heart to worship you this morning, Dear Lord.  I want to give you my first attention.

Lord, Hello Jesus, Hello Father, Hello Spirit, dear Spirit.  I love you all and I wish to encompass you today, and be filled with you today Holy Spirit.  Please come into my house and into my room here and into my body, and bring me what you would have me to think on today, and understand today.  I feel the doors of my understanding are open and waiting on you to fill them.

Lord Jesus, I celebrate you and the wonderful interaction/connection/tie between us.  Im not sure of the word.  I love how you are woven into my soul and heart.  I love how you touch me here in this inner secret place.  I love that youre real and youve shown yourself to me.  I love the way you touch my spirit and speak to me without words.

I love your love.  Please help me not to overstep any boundaries you have set for me.  Lord I desire not to be out of bounds with you, but to fill out and flesh out (pun intended) your will for me.

I celebrate and appreciate with you, the miracles of the earth, the things youve created and all their interaction.  How the wind whirls around the seas, and the leaves blow and the things of nature beckon.  How your Spirit moves like the wind, and yet is not the wind.  Deeper, everywhere, all present and all infilling, all encompassing, your Dear Spirit being and bringing life.

I love Him too.  I love the way the Father is set upon the foundations of all that exists.  How He is ruler and keeper and founder of everything that is.  I celebrate this part of you and this with you, dear Father.  I appreciate you and I thank you for always being there, stable and steady and sure.  I am so thankful that no man or angel can usurp your throne or take from you any of your glory or majesty.

No man or woman or child can speak anything or do anything against you that will tarnish you in any way, or make you less of what you Are.  That is so wonderful, and so comforting.  Im smiling in my heart Lord, because you are forever and true.

And my heart and mind is dark and sad when I think of the suffering and misunderstandings of mankind.  How everyone feels they are right, LONGS to be right, and would kill others in the struggle to be right.  And how people manipulate others, tricking them into believing lies so they will fight and carry out wicked plans.

Im very sorry for this Lord, and if I could apologize for the species Im part of, I would make apologies to you for them.  But their acts speak for themselves and it is all I can do to attempt to keep my own soul out of the fires of evil and mis-truth.

Lord guide me please!  Hold my feet onto the correct path and dont let me falter.  I give my will over to you, Lord, and to your Will.

Jesus, you are the son of all sons, and as a mother I can imagine what it would have been like to walk with you.  You are friend of all friends, and I can feel that joy of being near you and in your counsel.  And you are the miracle of all miracles, and embodied all the acts of miracle and magic, such as the water to wine and the healings and altering the material world before our eyes.  I would love to know more how to do that, and to walk in that purpose and presence every day.  To help others and to make the world better.  And to teach others about You.  Who you are, and what you would have them to know.

Let me be a beacon of light and a comfort to the world.  Let me be a stronghold of your truth, and not falter from it.  Help me not quote in error or interpret in error.  Please Lord, help me to guide if I were to guide, and help me to follow the right course, when I follow.

Help me to inspire my own children, and lead by example.  Help them to walk in your shoes of kindness and forgiveness and pity.  Help us to know humility, Lord.  And to know that no man is our enemy, but the spirits inside them lead them wherever they go.  I choose your Spirit, Lord, your Holy Spirit and I seek Him in my life and in my body.  Let this flesh be moved and every step determined by that Spirit of God.




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