December 27, 2007

In You I Live and Move and Have My Being


Good morning Jesus.  I praise you, and I bless you and also the Father and the Spirit.  I want to focus my mind on you and remember that you’re my reason for living, the cause of my being, and the sustaining force of continuing to live.  Without your Will to be here, I would perish.  Without your food and air and water, and the bed that I sleep on, and the house that protects me from the cold, all provided by you through normal channels, I would not be able to maintain this life.

I praise you and thank you for all of those normal things, which are only normal because we take them for granted.

Lord, during the night I have inhaled a lot of mold smell, and probably spores.  Please protect all of us (my entire family) from any bad consequences with the mold.  In your name, Jesus, I command my body to reject and resist the mold and any illness that would like to start in me.  I rebuke the growth of mold in my body in your name Jesus, and command it to leave me.

Thank you Jesus, Dear Lord.  I depend on you for every battle.  Those against germs and ordinary earth organisms that all vie for the same existence on the planet.  But you gave mankind dominion over every animal, bird, fish and organism.  Every thing that lives on earth is submitted to you, and grateful to you for its existence.

Without you Jesus, even the battle against a tiny mold spore in my lungs could send me to my grave.  I rest in you, Lord, I put my faith and trust in you to keep me safe and protected, and also for my children.

I also thank you for the smell of the coffee cooking and the hope of enjoying a cup this morning.  Hopefully in joy and peace without aggravation. 

Lord, I also thank you for the shift in my awareness about our lives here, and the things given, commanded, and expected of us.  It was so much easier and freer to go through my first holiday without feeling that I had to participate in order to honor you. 

Thank you for showing me that honoring you has nothing to do with Christmas and Christmas has nothing to do with you.  (For anyone who ever reads this prayer, I add that I am aware that people labor under the belief that their efforts are done for the sake of GOD, and that You Lord must surely make note of those who try to please You.)

Christmas was the largest holiday and the one that held the strongest bondage.  If I have truly broken through the bondage of the traditions of men, then I begin today a great new journey with clarity of vision to see where I might be going.

I know that it takes awhile to allow new thoughts and knowledge to sink in, but I am longing to sprint ahead and learn more things and change even more.  Let thy will be done in my heart, in my life and in my soul.  Let my soul and heart and mind be filled with you, dearest Jesus, and with the Father and Spirit.  Let me learn of you, and take you into my being, if there is any part of me that is separated from you.

I know too that I must think on you, spend time with you in prayer and study your word.  Please help me to set aside time to do this.  I have not been very good in using my time wisely Lord.  Please forgive me for that.

Today, Lord, my son is scared, upset and discouraged because his bills are unpaid and they’re always broke, with another baby due any day.  Please hold my son in your hands and reveal to him your secrets and your provision.  Help him to fill his soul and spirit with you too, and to desire more of you, than more of the world.  Help him to replace discouragement with excitement and anticipation, burdens of life with childlike wonder, and any bondage to Satan with freedom in Christ.

The does in the field somehow know your voice and that you provided them with food to forage.  The birds in the air know how to lift their eyes and take flight, depending on your hand to uphold them.  The tiniest insect and bacteria know to do what they were commanded to do, without fail and without doubt.  When an animal dies and lays upon the ground, the carcass is stripped and cleaned in a week’s time by their efforts.

No matter how lowly the beast or the man, it has its life and its purpose in you, and will be rewarded accordingly.  None is forgotten or excluded.  No child of God ever walks alone.

The angels are witness, and the Spirit indwells.  The Father provides the “being”, and you Jesus, are the good shepherd who leads the sheep safely into good pasture.

A day can only be horrible and bad, if we take our eyes off of you.  Help me never to lose sight of your sovereignty in my life, and never to lose sight of your promises.  Your hand is outstretched to me and I take it.  I rejoice in the security of knowing your touch and your guidance.  Your eyes have seen ahead on the path and will lift me over the boulders and sharp stones.

Let the world be as it will, do as it will and believe what it will.  I, Lord, will follow you and embody the love and righteousness of Christ towards the world.  I pray that all will learn of you and find freedom.  I pray that all would willingly give up their supposed “right” to complain and find fault and cast negativity and ill will towards their fellow man.  I pray that all would be as wise as the lowliest creature who wishes no evil on its brother, but lives its days grateful for whatever you bring along.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Father, thank you Holy Spirit, and please live in my heart and mind today as King and ruler.  I praise your Holy Name!  Please protect everyone in my family and my friends and those I speak with, pray for and reach out to.  Please answer all prayers and give to each soul what it truly needs.  I trust you to do that, Lord, and I’m sure it is only good that comes from your hand.










You Lord, Are More Beautiful Than Life Itself

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