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Happy Thanksgiving!!


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Welcome To Another Adventure In My Garden

Healing - Visual Proof 

Hot Headed?

Coughs and Colds?

How To Lose Weight Effortlessly!

Tips to Fight Clutter

Faith - Don't Do This!

Work At Home Tips


Blessing Your Neighbor and Yourself


Prayers and Worship

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Great Places To Invest Your Tithes And Offerings


Father, please bless each reader, and help them to find Your peace.  Heal their bodies, situations and circumstances.  Lift up their spirits and abide in their hearts, precious Lord.  Let them know You as the author of their peace and the one true and living God


“Heal me O Lord and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved, for You are my praise!"  Jeremiah 17:14

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Welcome To Another Adventure In My Garden


Hello and God bless you!  Thank you for reading my newsletter.

I bless you in Jesus' name and have SO looked forward to spending this time with you.

We've all just passed through a very traumatic time, for our nation, for our families individually, for me at home too.  There has been a greater need for prayer warriors, as so many people have suffered loss, or abuse from those they love.

Sometimes we could almost give up hope, but instead we need to prepare ourselves for change.  As the seasons change and work to prepare for new birth in the spring, so we must change and prepare our homes, families and finances for a transition to glory.

We don't have to worry about end times*(click here to read more), and we certainly don't need to fall into a trap of fear*.  Rather, let's become even more focused, make better decisions and determine to follow God's Word even closer, and remain in His presence.

No matter what the hour, God's instruction is still the same.  Be ready.  Be forgiving, be constant in prayer and thanksgiving for everything!

Fine tune your finances, let go of anything that doesn't benefit your family in the long run.  We're usually bound to thinking of the physical world, but instead, consider the spiritual consequences of our purchases, the things we allow in our homes, the TV we watch, etc.

Choose your friends, your work, your church wisely and above all, know scripture.  Know why you believe what you believe, and God will stand by you.  We know He will bring us safely through to the other side of every change.

Trees don't worry about winter, they shed their burdens so when the winds blow they won't topple over, and then they sleep, confident that spring will come.

Somewhere in the depth of mysteries, God whispers to them when it's time to send sap flowing through their trunks, and He beckons to the wild geese and tells them when to head north.

Let's work for such a relationship with Him, that we'll hear His voice beckoning us, to rebirth, to revival, to new avenues to express our love and our talents.  Ways to give Him glory and to teach our children and grandchildren, so they will hear His voice as well.

I care about each of you, I love you and am praying for you - for peace, for abundance and for wisdom.  

Without our relationship to God, our wealth is vile and useless.  Without knowing where our souls will go after life, our good health and strength of youth is false security, because nothing remains the same.

This is why we have such a fascination with ghost hunters and psychic people.  We want to feel secure and to know all there is to know.  (It is also the reason that mankind fell from the Garden, because Satan said we could/should/would be like God and know all.)  Don't be deceived!

God says He will give wisdom to those who ask, and to those who choose Him, He will reward with sanity and peace, healing, and eternal life.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

John 8:36 (New International Version)

Write to me and tell me how you are doing.  Pass on your prayer requests and pray for the list at .

Bless you and have a wonderful, loving Thanksgiving!


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Healing - Visual Proof


Visual Proof that hate, anger and ill will towards anyone harms you and the person you're thinking badly about.  It also works in reverse.

Although there are many paths to healing, both conventional and alternative (and spiritual), there are some with side effects, such as prescription drugs.

Now there is coming to light evidence of the effects of spiritual medicines and emotional poisons that exist in the world as well.

Perhaps you've never thought much about emotional poison, but I'm sure you've tasted it daily.

I have recently found a video that shows blood under a microscope, after both hateful and kind/loving thoughts.  

We have long believed that our emotions and predominant thoughts have a great deal to do with our illnesses.  Now there is again evidence to back this up.

What's even more interesting is that the ladies doing this experiment also used a third party, a stranger to whom they directed these thoughts, and tested HIS blood as well.  

This says to me that our body is infinitely intelligent and in communication always with Spirit, and that it knows right and wrong on a cellular level.

Is our anger and confusion creating the cancer and illness our children will suffer?

Is this not an argument to "Are we our brother's keeper?"  If we can think or speak unkindly ABOUT someone and that person's blood cells begin to stick together and have difficulty moving, then don't we have a responsibility to God to do good to our fellowman by respecting them and wishing them well?

(I wish this was presented in a more scientific or clinical way, but it was produced by one of the ladies for her business.)

"Thoughts are Real - part 1"

"Thoughts are Real - part 2"

Remember this Bible verse, in it is better health!

Philippians 4:8

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

There are 2360 EFT videos listed on Youtube but as with everything, watch and judge the Spirit of each one.  


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Hot Headed? 


Are there some things that people do that REALLY push your buttons?  Things you say you hate and would never do yourself?

I have a secret for you.  Anything that you criticize someone else for, is already something that you have in your make up too.

I'm serious!  The faults that you don't have, won't bother you.  In fact, you probably don't even notice those things in others that are not also the things you're struggling with.

We are not aware of this though.  We are usually sure we'd never stoop so low, or be so stupid or succumb to such things!  How wrong we are.

How embarrassing it is then that Jesus said not to judge another - to first take the log out of your own eye and then you could see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.  

He had to say it because we're all guilty of it.  Let's work towards automatic forgiveness of the things we dislike in others and forgiveness to ourselves as well as striving not to make the same mistakes.

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Coughs and Colds? 


Many Uses For Vicks Vapor Rub

1.  Rub gently on burns, it prevents blisters from forming

2.  Detoxifying your body when applied to the feet at bedtime

3.  Stopping coughs and congestion when applied to the feet at bedtime

1.  One of my sisters swears by Vicks for burns, to prevent blisters from bubbling up.  

She said even Crisco would help, keeping the skin moist and prevent cracking.  (In fact it's a great moisturizer.)

2.  We know that our bodies release toxins through the sweat of our feet, and we know that certain medicines are absorbed through the skin (think of the Patch).

In many stores you can buy a Japanese product that claims to draw toxins out of the body from the bottoms of the feet while you sleep.

3.  You may have seen an email going around that putting Vicks Vapor Rub on the soles of your feet before you go to sleep (cover with a sock), will stop a cough and give you a deep sleep.

I have heard from 3 different people who have tried this, that it produced very welcome results.   For 2 of the three who've tried it, it provided relief from the cough and cold symptoms.  

For another, it didn't help her cough at all, but she noticed that her leg pains disappeared, and that her varicose veins had nearly disappeared.  She recommends this to anyone with leg problems.

Almost every household already has a jar of Vicks, so if you don't mind a little smeary warmth in your socks at night, give it a try and let me know what you experience.

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How To Lose Weight Effortlessly! 


I know personally that this method works very well and will de-stress your life if you've been dieting for any length of time.

Diets don't make sense.  We overeat and go for our cravings foods because we're feeling a lack in our lives, so it doesn't make sense to deprive ourselves further. 

Instead we need to be giving ourselves love and permission to live life with gusto!

I watch The Biggest Loser on TV sometimes, and I am amazed at the punishment they put on their bodies, the abuse that is screamed at them to keep them going, etc.

No thank you.  I've found something that works that gives me the joy I need without the big changes that I won't keep up with after the first week.

If you will follow this method religiously, especially numbers 3 and 4, (they are MOST crucial), I know you'll lost weight naturally and be healthy and happy (as well as wealthier if you're not spending money on diet products!)

1.  Eat when you're hungry, stop when you've had "enough".  

(Not "stop when you're full", because by the time the sensation of fullness hits, you'll be far too stuffed and miserable.)

2.  Eat ONLY the things you WANT to.

Go into your refrigerator and throw away all the things you don't like and what you've got in there because somebody else told you it would be good for you.

Eat the foods you love, so that you can savor the taste and not overeat to compensate for disappointment.

3.  Put a forkful of food in your mouth and then SET THE FORK DOWN until it is completely chewed!!  Fold your hands and concentrate on the flavor, the texture and the chewing.  

Chew slowly and deliberately, tasting every mouthful, and don't be in a hurry to pick the fork back up again.

This will make you enjoy your meal more, and keep you from being hungry longer.  

What it also does is INSTANTLY make your mind aware of your fullness indicator, and you'll ONLY eat what you have need for.

4.  DO NOT watch TV, read a book or engage in conversation while you are eating, because they distract the mind and you'll miss the indication that you're really full.

5.  Make sure you're drinking water in between meals.  Often our bodies are craving water, but we mistake the disquiet for hunger.  The more you drink, the more aid you are giving your body to flush out toxins and fats, and re-stabilize your metabolism.

I've learned from my sister Eileen that if you are stranded in a situation where you don't have enough water, you shouldn't eat.  It takes water to digest your food.  You can go for a long time without food, but only a short time without water.

6.  Every day, take a few more steps than the day before.  Get an inexpensive pedometer and wear it on your side every day.  This will make it fun to walk more, as you try to outdo the previous day's number of steps.  Exercise shouldn't be a chore or a burden.  Just park a bit further from the building, stand and walk more often, take a 15 minute stroll around your block.

Eventually join dance classes, or rock climbing or whatever it is you used to love to do, because moving our bodies is part of expressing who we are, and exercise naturally happens when you're having a good time!

(Even sex is good exercise!)  All you really need is to get your heart beating faster than normal, for a few minutes at a time.

7.  Respect yourself, forgive yourself, allow yourself to live the life you were given.  

In my own case, my weight gain was the result of a daily wish for death.  I was miserable and I told myself I wanted to die.  My body has been slowly trying to accommodate those wishes ever since, even though I no longer feel trapped in a bad situation. 

Now I have to tell myself that I want to LIVE, and believe that I have a right to enjoy it.  

Make up your own affirmations and speak them out daily.  Something like "I am thankful I have been given this time to live on earth, and I will make the most use of my time, my body and my mind.  I am a beautiful person in every way and I celebrate every cell and facet of my being."  (Your own wording will make it more powerful and real to your subconscious.)

8.  If you have a particular food craving, use a trick to associate your temptation food with the most disgusting visual and taste image you can come up with, while pressing your thumb and first two fingers together on your LEFT hand.

Ok, if it's chocolate, imagine it covered in vomit, with worms crawling all over it, and anything else that you can imagine to turn your stomach.  Really dwell on it.  Imagine what it would taste like in your mouth, and feel like with the worms crawling all over your tongue.

Every time the craving hits, press your fingers together and remember the awful memory associated with that food now.

Immediately after using the bad memory, use a good memory while pressing your thumb and forefinger of the RIGHT hand together.  Think of something really relaxing or exciting, the most happy thought you can muster up.

You must replace one thought with another, so if you're going to give up your cravings for chocolate or cigarettes, or whatever it is, give yourself a new treat that is preferable.

After all, your soul is really crying out to be satisfied and to LIVE with joy, so pick a thought that will make you glow with happiness.

9.  Learn to meditate, or use one of the tapes on the market to listen to that de-stress you.  Much of the belly fat we pack on, is from a stress hormone called Cortisol.  You can buy a drug in stores to take that fights this Cortisol and dissolves the fat, but it has significant side effects and costs money.

You can do the exact same thing, and it even works faster with a simple self hypnosis, EFT or meditation exercise, once a day, at least.  Twice daily is better.

For a free online meditation sample (sounds and rhythm) click here. 

There are many others though that you can search for.

To learn more about Cortisol, it's effects and how to handle it, click here. 

10.  Don't beat yourself up over what you weigh, in fact, weighing yourself may be counter productive.  When you're losing, you'll know it.  The better indicator of whether it's working is if you're enjoying life again. 

Our internal dialog directs our subconscious mind to follow out what it thinks are orders from our mouths.  So if you want to lose weight, don't say "I don't think this is working", or "I can't lose any weight".  Say things like "I'm feeling so much better, so much thinner!"  "This is really working for me and I'm determined to stick with it."

That is it, and you won't find a more powerful weight loss method anywhere on the planet!

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Tips To Fight Clutter


Here are three different ways to approach your cleanup chores.

1.  You can do what they do on TV shows - empty a room out completely, taking everything outside to the yard.  

Sort the items into 3 piles - Sell, Toss and Keep. The Keep pile must be no more than 1/3 of the original mess you had in the room, so you can tame the clutter.

While you have the room empty and are sorting outside, see if your husband or friends can be in there painting the room, replacing carpet and getting everything ready to haul your very best back in there.

If you don't fancy a yard sale, take the "sell" items and give to charities like Goodwill, Habitat or the Salvation Army.


2.  Start with the area around your desk where you're sitting right now.  Gather the papers into a pile and put them away.  Use shoe boxes or laundry baskets with labels for each room, to toss in what must be taken elsewhere and put away.

You can do a bit each day but you'll have to move as quickly and consistently as you can, or you'll never make any dent in it.


3.  Perhaps you're the kind of person who just needs to file everything in "boxes" or containers of like things.  It won't be put away or too neat, but you'll know where to look for an item when you need it. Choose boxes of the same size and color, and label them clearly, then set them on a shelf side by side.

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Faith - Don't Do This!


My heart is grieving, dear readers.  A young relative came to my house today briefly and said that he hopes if Obama is elected president, someone would kill him.  He even jokingly asked my son Chris if he gave him $10, would he go kill the man.

This boy is a faithful member of a Pentecostal church, barely an adult, believes he's a Christian and that this is the right response to someone being chosen that he didn't like.

I can only assume his reasoning is that he's against this man because he's half black, because the boy is not old enough nor cares enough to have researched Obama's history or to have found any real reason to dislike him.

I warned the boy about his soul, that this is wrong to think such things, but he replied that once the man is dead, he'll ask God to forgive him and everything will be ok again.

Beloved readers, if you have ANY of these same thoughts, put them from you!  I don't care if it's Obama, McCain or the late Saddam Hussein, we have NO RIGHT to wish harm on anyone else.

Don't think that God is so foolish to fall for our tricks.  Do we think that He doesn't know the heart of a man?  You can't plan to do wrong and expect to instantly repent when you've gotten your way.  That's NOT what repentance is.

Are our churches not teaching truth?

No man knows his destiny, but our creator does.  We fumble around in the dark all through our lives.  We believe "this" and then "that", and we approve "this" and then we deny it as we grow and change.  As our experiences teach us and as God or Satan influences us.

If mankind cannot know his own heart, how can he hope to deceive the Lord of Hosts with such nonsense?

Why are we so superficial to entertain thoughts of harm to others, and not know that we're harming only ourselves and wasting the hours we are given to live?

What will WE each accomplish in our life?  What will we leave behind for the world, to make it better, and to bring us closer to our maker?

You might think that killing a leader (especially an evil one) would do the world a service, but you're not thinking with God's reasoning.

God Himself appoints each leader, and God Himself stands watch over them and over every single human being that lives.  He knows us so intimately that every hair on our head is counted.  He knows when you wake up in the morning how many dead skin cells you're leaving behind on the sheets.

God says He writes the names of those who love Him on the palms of His hands so that He cannot forget us.  

Now imagine being so bold and foolish as to attempt to snuff out someone whose name is written on God's hand!

Neither you nor I know if a person's name is written there now, or if it will be, but we're told THOU SHALT NOT KILL, and Jesus Himself said that if we are angry with someone without a just cause, that it will be counted to us as murder.

As I said last month, we have a scriptural commandment to honor and obey our leaders, to support them in prayer and to do our part as good citizens to work in unity.

Above this, we have a responsibility to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls, (not our own lives to the death).

We are told to love others as He loved us, (not pick and choose WHO we will love)!

This is closely tied in with forgiving others, because if we do not forgive someone else, God says He will not forgive us.

If we don't love, we won't be loved.  The real problem though is NOT that we cannot love others.  The problem starts right here in our own heart, with not being able to forgive and love ourselves!

If you don't love yourself, forgive yourself for your OWN sins, you will end up bitter and hateful like this young man, blaming everyone else for your problems and being blinded by strong emotion and demonic influences.  

To forgive and love yourself, you need to first be reconciled to God.  Get your sins out in the open, confess them, and ask God to remove them far away, and then walk WITH God.  Be reconciled in your thinking, and in submitting your own will to HIS.

I wonder how this young man would be speaking today if God had chosen some 20 odd years ago, to fill HIS blood with a mix of races.  Could he as easily justify hating someone just because of skin color?

Beware of the careless thoughts you allow to become strong emotion.  Our enemy uses our emotions to ensnare us.

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Work at Home Tips


Have you been hearing about work at home jobs, or telephone interviewing jobs at home?  I've discovered quite a few on Craig's List.  Some of the jobs seem legit, with an hourly wage and 401 K plan.  Some are obviously mass internet marketing and you'd be paid by commission (if at all).

Choose your state or city in the far right hand column, pick your job category, click on it and see what is listed.  Beware of scams and don't give out your social security number unless you're sure it's a legit job.

Another work at home resource that I use is:

"Work At Home Success".  The following postings were in the last issue of the WAHS newsletter:

Administrative Support and Clerical Jobs



Legal Typists

Customer Service

Customer Support Manager

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Customer Service

Transcriber (Continuity Scripts)

Computers/Internet/Technical Jobs

Online Moderator

Financial/Bookkeeping/Real Estate/Insurance Jobs

Financial Manager

Tax Preparers

PR/Marketing/Sales/Fundraising Jobs


Communications Specialist

Writing/Art/Photography Jobs

Business Bloggers

Miscellaneous Jobs

Fraud Detection Analyst

AP Curriculum Writer

Litigation Examiner

Online Teacher (Algebra)

Employee Relations Training materials

I got these links from this excellent source of info here:

Leslie Truex has an excellent site, newsletter and now a complete resource guide to some 300 jobs online and how to land them.  There's too much here for me to list it all, please check out her work, it's top notch.

Jobs Online Toolkit

Money Making Mommy

I can't tell you about making money at home without mentioning Kelly Land, owner of The Money Making Mommy site and newsletter.  Her site is AWESOME with a capital A.  Categories, resources, real jobs, and kits.

One way to make money at home, is to set up your office/website/email program and phone to make money selling other people's things.  You're familiar with eBay, but do you know what an affiliate is?  

Not associated with eBay, an affiliate finds the digital products that other people have written (books and computer software) and signs up to get a commission to advertise and sell them.

You can be an affiliate without a website.  You can do it online or in the real world. is a great place to get started, it's free to sell for other people and you get up to 50% of each sale!

If you want to know how well this works, I'll tell you that I have gotten commission checks, and this lady below has built up a monthly affiliate sales business of more money than most folks make in a year.  

In her book she gives step by step instructions on how to copy her and make the same thing.  In fact, she teaches others in seminars, and has launched careers for many.  Read about it below:

Super Affiliate Handbook

You can also set up an office in your home and advertise in the real world to sell your neighbors and community's items on eBay.

home typist jobs


And in case you need:

business forms 

legal forms 

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Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote 'The Hokie Pokey', died peacefully at the age of 93. 

The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.

They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started...

Some of the funny things our kids say:

When my son Matt was very young, we were driving in the car and he said "Mom, I don't think I can go to school today, I think I'm getting my wizard teeth."

Another time he was trying to put together a toy robot, and he came to me asking me to read him the "destructions".

Once after working in the garden with his father, he came running up to me with his palms open and said "Look mom!  I've got cactuses on my hands just like daddy!"

My son Chris listens closely to my conversations on the phone and to how I'm acting through the day.  He often interrupts me with "Let's talk to the Lord about that!"

He's got some cute sayings of his own, but the most common one (especially when he thinks you're joking) is "Yeah, right!" (With that big smile and laughing eyes.)

Daniel has always had a mature wisdom.  He knows how sensitive I am to the problems of others, and he tells me to stop watching the news or reading online about the miseries of strangers.

He asks me "Is this something you can do anything about?  If not, don't torment yourself reading about it."

Obviously it doesn't apply to prayer requests or troubles that family have, but it keeps our noses out of other people's business and our hearts from being overburdened.

The most wonderful thing to hear from our children is: 

"I love you".  :)

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Blessing Your Neighbor and Yourself 


Some people wake up in the morning and do exercise, or go jogging.  Others go right to their Bible and read a chapter before work.

I'd like to encourage you to add to your daily routine a blessing to all around you.  Speak out loud the desire that all your neighbors, co workers and family will be blessed that day, including yourself.

Bless those closest to you in your day, bless the country's leaders, and bless those who are struggling, hurting or grieving.  Even bless and pray for people we might not like or who have done something unkind to us.

I learned on a science TV show that when we see others in need and our hearts are moved with compassion, our own body's immune cells are triggered and increased.  This was measured with a saliva test after having the test subjects view pictures of people in need.

So in blessing others, God has built in a method that guarantees you'll be blessed as well!

You should do that in the evening too, just before bed, but at that time, forgive those in your life, and ask for them to forgive you.  You'll sleep so much better!

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"So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth, it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."     Isaiah 55:11


Nothing that God does is coincidental or by accident.  Nothing is useless or wasted.  The Word of God is the fullest, richest "fruit" mankind will ever know, and it has the power to sustain LIFE eternally!

In scripture there are several places that mention ghosts and spirits, entities that are not of God, and are not Holy.  (Thus, we differentiate between spirits by calling God's Spirit "The Holy Spirit".)

Job 4:15 A spirit glided past my face, and the hair on my body stood on end.;&version=31;

There are, even today, angels and unclean spirits talking with people.  There are several "famous" spirits that have given mankind messages, and have created a large following of people hungry for their wisdom.  (The origins of the "law of attraction" and "The Secret" come from one such spirit, referred to as Abraham-Hicks.)

I would like to warn you that to even enter a conversation with ANY spirit other than God's HOLY Spirit, is opening the door to consequences you cannot imagine.  I wonder if it isn't the highest form of treason?  

How can you ever know their purpose or the effects of such contact, since we cannot see them and do not know the place inside of us that they are able to inhabit.

What wisdom do we seek from the employees of our enemy, when God's Holy Spirit seeks to speak with us day and night, and His wisdom is available in the Bible in a moment's glance, or online at

1 Samuel Chapter 28 - King Saul went to a witch and conjured up the dead spirit of Samuel the Prophet, to ask him about the outcome of the battle the next day. 

God had told Saul to remove the witches and unholy practices such as this from the land, and Saul HAD persecuted many of them.  But he himself was not above falling to the temptation to know something beyond human knowledge. 

God said the earth is surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.  Are some of these the unholy enemies of God, preying on the innocent and the uninformed, and those who lust after things we shouldn't give in to?

On the television show "Ghost Adventures", 3 young men "investigate" haunted places and taunt the spirits, daring them to make themselves known.  They went to a bishop who does exorcisms to show him the scratches they received, and to ask what had they been dealing with.

The bishop told them the best advice I have ever heard.  He said "You are ghost hunting, thinking of the physical world, the manifestation of things you could see, hear, or record with your instruments.  

These entities are dealing with you on a spiritual level, attacking you in ways you don't see."  The scratch is nothing, what have they done to your life and families to come?

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you!  We need every ounce of His presence and power to survive today.

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Prayers and Worship


Bible verses of hope, comfort and healing

Faith confessions, scripture turned into affirmations, with power and assurance 

My Prayers - Use them to pray along with me, or get ideas on new words to exalt and worship God

Covenant of Hope Online Church - read online or listen to audio.  Participate live during church broadcasts.  Rev. Laura Neff is an excellent writer, inspired by God, and her messages are deep and thought provoking.  Prayer requests, talk to a live person.

"Come by and hear or read the sermons at the following locations."

Rev. Laura A. Neff, "The Rainbow Minister"

To access the mychurch site, there is a brief sign up page, but you will not receive more spam.

Prayers of Taizé - download or listen to whole services, prayer and music.

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I Recommend These Sites


Dr. Jay Snell - Excellent Bible Study, healing scriptures, methods and recipes for healing and fighting spiritual warfare.

Children's Bible Stories Online - Another really good place to let your kids experience.

The AntiChrist - The attributes of the Anti Christ as told in scripture.

The Scripture Tree - A lovely, fun way to learn scripture online.

Called Magazine - for women pastors.  Current events and resources in the ministry.


Gary Craig's EFT Site - Free newsletter, instructions on how to do EFT on yourself and others.  EFT is a quick, painless way to stop headaches, deal with emotional pain, and heal your body.  Check out the archives!  See what it has done for others, and imagine what it could do for you!  (I use it!)


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Great Places To Invest Your Tithes And Offerings


(Your own church should come first)

Life Christian Center International, Albany, GA - has an online service that you can watch anytime.  Enjoy the anointed music and the movement of the Holy Spirit, along with Godly wisdom and instruction.  Much to be gained here.  Watch online from wherever you are and be a part of this great ministry!  Donate on their site.


Dr. Jay Snell - evangelizing the world online.  His messages are crucial, timely and help the hurting and those who need to know what the Bible says on a subject, quickly.  Pay with Paypal or email Dr. Snell from his site.


Dr. Anna's Book Ministry - raising money for a ministry training retreat and to help the holocaust survivors.  See her books here.  

Please Email Dr. Anna, as she has a new book out that is for donations only to raise money for disaster relief funds.  The book is called "A Miracle in the Rain Forest" and the requested donation is $10 and $2.25 shipping. 

It is 70 pages, story/color pages and a neat story. Fundraising Checks to be made out to Desert Bloom Ministries.  Email Dr. Anna for more info.


Blessing Meadows Ministries -  To provide for the needs of our small church and website, and to help those whom God sends to us for food and other comforts.  Pay with Paypal or email me for more options.


The Salvation Army, Red Cross, Peace Corps, Habitat For Humanity, Your Local Churches, Your Local Rescue Missions 

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Thank you for reading my newsletter, please write to me and tell me what you think, give me your prayer requests and enjoy this day!  

Feel free to pass this newsletter to your friends if you think they'd enjoy it.

God bless you!  

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