The Awful Truth About Our Health

by Lisa Tyler ©2000 - 2010

I come from a long line of naivety.  I thought police were guardian angels in blue, until I was raped by one at 15.  

I thought government agencies existed to protect the people and that every document or decision passed down from one was second only to The 10 Commandments themselves for being absolutely correct and worthy to obey.

I thought doctors knew what was best for us, and that their instructions could and should be followed without question. 

I think a lot differently today and Iím sure you do too.  Weíve all heard that doctors make mistakes.  New information is coming out daily about our bodies and how we work, and what is really best for us most often should be a decision that we make ourselves.

As for the government and itís suggestions for whatís safe and whatís normal, it only takes one or two horror stories about child welfare and justice gone wrong to get the picture that once again, we must make the ultimate decision for our well being. 

What is most disheartening of all, and has taken me the longest time to accept, is that what the government recommends about the food and medicines we should take is very wrong.  

The food pyramid is not what is best for us to follow in feeding our children, unless you want a family the size of whales, and what the government says is safe medicine, often has a proven track record of killing those who take them. 

It was reported in the news only this week that the food pyramid is coming up for itís evaluation again, and that manufacturers are lobbying to get the government to name their product categories more important than others.  Is this possible?  Can money be the determining factor in what is BEST for us? 

They reported that the last time the food pyramid was written, the government intended to issue a statement that a diet should have very little sugars.  The companies that produce sweetened foods paid lobbying cash and pressure and had the statement changed to read - a person should modify their intake of sugar.  How is a person to interpret that non-specific advice? 

Do you know that puffed wheat cereal is a cheap and plentiful food for your family?  If you know this much, get ready for a shock.  In lab tests ALL of the rats that were fed puffed wheat cereal died after only 14 days of eating it. 

Do you still think itís a food you should give your children?  Is your brain reacting like mine did, stopping all activity and checking to see what else might be harmful that we regularly imbibe in? 

Do you know that shampoos, toothpastes and many other products that are approved by our government as safe for human use, contain the basic element of anti-freeze and are deadly over a period of time, or if swallowed?  Go back over that sentence, yes you read that right.  Toothpaste comes with a warning not to swallow, doesnít it?  Guess why. 

Do you know that your laundry detergent and most dishwashing liquids contain poisonous substances that can seep through our skin by contact and is known to be responsible for skin disorders, allergies and many conditions that plague society today? 

What about the foods we buy in our grocery store?  We think USDA approved must be a good thing, right?  Of course it is, except that diseased animals that are dying of tumors and various other illnesses, are allowed by the USDA to be slaughtered without a diagnosis of illness, and fed to the public. 

Why?  Because itís business.  Itís not economically feasible for big companies who raise the animals for mass consumption to have to suffer loss of those sick animals.  They may cut out and throw away parts that are obviously diseased, but as we now know in humans, just because you cut out a cancer, doesnít mean thousands of cancer cells are not throughout the entire body. 

Of course youíre sorry that you read this, no one really wants to know that what weíre eating isnít fit to be fed to animals.  

Guess how mad cow gets spread so easily.  Animals are ground up and fed to other animals.  Thatís a good way to get rid of sick looking animals too, isnít it?  You donít want to suffer loss, so you decide to just throw out some of the sick ones for cheap animal feed, right?  Mad cow disease may not show up for some 20 years after the infection begins in an animal, or human. 

Do you know that one of the cannibalistic tribes in the Amazon were dying out from a condition similar to mad cow disease, because their practice of eating their own dead fed the diseased and dying tissue right back into their own bodies?  

Every time this practice is carried on, with humans or animals, disease and death are the result. 

Why is this nation so obese?  Why are we the sickest people on earth, with arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and stroke?  We should be the most enlightened, capable, healthiest and wealthiest people on earth if you believe what weíre told about our great nation. 

If you take a good look at the food you eat and the medical recommendations for ďcuringĒ your ailments, youíll be able to see exactly why. 

I have even recently read that ground up bone is used to whiten granulated sugar.  I have an article written in 1910 by a doctor who was alarmed way back then about the growing tendency for manufacturers to make processed foods with far too much sugar than our bodies can handle.  He predicted almost 100 years ago the result, the obesity and diabetes that would follow. 

This is the bottom line.  We hate to hear the truth because it forces us to make changes and all people resist change.  The ultimate responsibility for our health and wealth belongs to US.  If you want to survive, and you want your children to have the best chance at survival as well, you need to begin to inform yourself about what you need and how to get it at a price you can afford. 

Cancer is being cured by many therapies other than the ones most widely used in this country.  Many people are being healed every day, not only the ones in this country who have become enlightened and are taking responsibility for themselves, but also in other countries, where the doctors are allowed to use medicines that work better, although they donít profit the large pharmaceutical companies as well.  Thatís why they arenít allowed here in the US.  The drug companies and big business control your life more than any of us should allow, and itís time we put a stop to it. 

People all over the US are waking up and becoming aware of truth.  Thousands of years ago, God lamented to one of His prophets in the Bible, ďmy people perish from lack of knowledge.Ē 

You donít have to live in the dark, and you donít have to make drastic changes overnight and find yourself out in strange territory. 

Visit the websites below, read the publications, make one or two changes a month and gradually take control back over your life, and improve your health.  In this process, it should not cost MORE money, but actually SAVE you money. 

There are many all-natural alternatives to the chemicals weíve laced our homes with.  Some of these products come in large enough quantities and can be used in so many applications that youíll save a lot of money with them.  Iím not talking about cheap substances that are substandard and send you right back to the store to buy your ordinary cleanser.  Iím talking about superior items. 

There are ways to get natural foods that are a safer choice than what is mass-produced.  There are even safe alternatives to medicines that can help your body heal itself.  Iím not talking about questionable herbs and supplements either. 

For more information visit the following sites where youíll find a new appreciation for the choices you really have. (sugar poisoning article) (cancer center in Mexico) (hundreds of articles Ė very useful) (find out what else your products and foods can do)

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