Making Prayer Work


How to get your prayers answered

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

The Bible says we are the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ so the righteous part God has already taken care of.  Letís see how to have the other parts of this sentence covered.

Donít Fight

If youíre married, or whoever you are partnered with, be it mate or parent, employer or peers, donít fight.  Donít be in anger; exist in love.  The Bible says if a couple is angry and fighting, their prayers are not answered.  The unity must be there, the smooth flow of purpose.  Fighting decreases power, as does not forgiving others.

Forgive Others

In order to exist in a relationship without anger, you MUST forgive and you must honor that person regardless of any specific incidences of any particular day.

You must forgive others who have offended you, whether they are family or strangers.  God says if you donít forgive others, God canít forgive you. 

Making things right 

If youíve hurt anyone else, or offended them, go make it right.  Apologize, heal. restore or pay for any damage youíve caused if it is humanly possible.  

Ask for their forgiveness and try to see their point of view.  Live in their home or lifestyle briefly in your mind and feel what it might be like for this person.  

Remember that God loves and adores them as much as He does you.  There is no ďbetter personĒ, or more loved person based on your opinion of who is right or wrong.  God loves the murderer and child molester as much as He loves the preacher and missionary.  His love is universal and ours should be too.

(This doesn't mean you have to hang around with people doing wicked or stupid things.  Be careful who you associate with, but love universally and help where you can.)

Fast with your prayers

Donít eat for a meal or two, or for a day.  Eating, digesting and making new cells is a busy work that makes a lot of internal noise and takes energy.  

Invest your energy into your prayers and deny the flesh.  This is important.  Jesus said the spirit is life and the flesh counts for nothing.  Of course we have to take care of ourselves, that is expected, but at times of coming together with God, and to get extra power to have your prayers granted, stop feeding the flesh for a short time and feed your spirit.  (Especially when what you're praying for is hard to heal, such as deformities or mental problems.)

Worship Regularly

This means to sing, dance and rejoice.  Search out the scriptures, seek God and His presence.  Pray not just to ask for help, but with the purpose of spending time with Him, getting to know Him.

Follow the Formula

Follow the formula of Christís example.  Praise and worship God first, then ask for His will then for His protection, then finish with more praise. 

The Lordís Prayer was: 

*Our Father, who art in heaven. (Recognize God as creator and invisible Ė no mere idol here.)

*Hallowed be thy name. (Praise Him.)

*Thy will be done, thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven.  (Submit to His will, desire Godís true kingdom of ďspirit firstĒ to be established on this earth as a mirror of the reality of heaven.)

*Give us this day our daily bread. (Ask for what we need today Ė live in the now, trusting that Heíll be there tomorrow and meet our needs then as well.)

*Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.  (Establish in us the habit of acting like His children, mirroring His own behavior.)

*For thine is the kingdom and the glory and the dominion forever. (More praise, while knowing that God is in control and owner.)


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