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Welcome To Another Adventure In Spirit

The Wonderful Presence of You - How You Impact Humanity

Are You Drowning In Negative Assets?  What Negative Money Is And How To Avoid It

52 Fun Things To Do This Year To Put More LIVING In Your Life 

New Revelations Of The Word

Summing It Up  

No Apologies


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Welcome To Another Adventure In Spirit


Hello and God bless you!  Thank you for welcoming me into your inbox today!   

I’m absolutely thrilled to be alive and able to write another Secret Garden Letter for you.  You may know I went through some health problems, and I’ve had to try to take it easy before getting involved again with my projects. 

How have you been?  I hope you are well and prospering, enjoying the summer, and that all of your family are safe!  

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The Wonderful Presence of You - How You Impact Humanity


When I look back on all that I've created in my life, the artwork, writing and friendships I've made, I am totally amazed at how many lovely and important things I’ve done!  (My children are at the top of that creation list, of course.)  Other than our kids, those wonderful creations are easy to forget or get lost over the years.

You too have several wonderful things in your life, - things that you’ve done or created, that define you and exemplify who you can be.   

You may not remember them or give yourself credit for the things you've tried and moved on.  Even those things you were really good at, but perhaps don't need to do now in the current job you have.

We compare ourselves to movie stars, great athletes and inventors, thinking that we have done nothing of importance and contributed nothing to the human race.  How wrong we are!

Do you know, there is not one single human being who has lived, who did not influence the human race and change the future?

You don’t have to give birth to children to contribute to the world.  Your words, your love, your work, ideas or inventions, music, - even the way you smile – can be a spark that affects dozens of people around you at any given moment in time.

Over a lifetime, the kindness you’ve shown, the gifts you’ve given, the people you’ve loved, even your anger or fear, have all helped to create our reality today. 

Because we are all connected on a spiritual, subconscious level, having you here, and feeling your presence, is a great comfort and help.  Even if I never meet you in person in this lifetime, I know you exist and that gives me strength.

When I was a little girl, I was terrified of thunderstorms, and the rest of my family seemed to sleep through rumbles that kept me awake. (At the time, I shared a bed with my sister Mary.)  The only relief from my fears that I found was by lying as close to Mary’s body as I could get, and touching her with my foot or hand, to remind myself that I was not alone.  

I believe that our spirits are all touching each other, without being completely conscious of it, most of the time.  I believe we’re very much like the plants and animals and other life forms on the planet. 

I've read that scientists have been able to measure some reaction in plants, that when one is injured by cutting or plucking a flower, the other plants nearby have a measurable reaction.  It seems that as one plant “screams”, another one cries in sympathy or fear. 

If even the plants are in communication with each other, and daisies can notify other daisies that they’ve been hurt, how much more could we? 

We who were created in God’s image, who have a spirit and a soul, who love beyond the mortal grave, and who were meant to communicate among each other…! 

How much more will we be connected, sharing our soul with God, with each other, with every other living thing on earth? 

Doesn't that mean that we should resolve to do our very best to live calm and joyful lives of health and prosperity, and to share, so that all can live and be well?  By doing this one small thing, we could give calm, peace, health and joy to everyone else collectively. 

If we could also change our thought patterns to positive thoughts instead of negative self-defeating thoughts, or harmful thoughts, it stands to reason that by this connection, we could alter the reality of the entire planet and fix global problems.  

How many times in Scripture have you read, “Whatsoever a man thinks”…becomes his reality.  Jesus said it over and over, “whatever we ask for – we’ll receive”.  “Whatever we believe – we’ll experience”.  He just COULD NOT have said it any stronger or any more times without being burdensome on the men who had to transcribe the Bible by hand, one scroll at a time. 

All it would take is a very tiny shift in our minds, a small decision to hold ourselves higher and value ourselves a little more, so that we could value all more. 

And that is why I say that I celebrate you, just as you are, because I’m rejoicing in my heart that you are here and that we have humanity’s experience in common.


Today I’m a little more aware of how much we share, - that I don’t ever want to be parted from those I love.  And that I cannot be parted from those I love.  Because I AM love.  So are you.  : )                 Return to Top of Page


Are You Drowning In Negative Assets?  What Negative Money Is And How To Avoid It


(This is a subject that should be taught in schools but isn't.  You can increase your net worth and your spending money by just eliminating these negative assets!)

As I counsel people, and watch the lives of the people I love, I've noticed that there are two kinds of money, or assets - the positive and the negative kind. 

There are things we hold onto that go up in value and things that go down.  There are things we hope are going to make money for us that we have to continually feed or maintain.  Some things that we get ourselves into cost us dearly. 

To give you an example of a negative asset, consider someone who believes that buying "small domestic animals" and breeding them will bring in large sums of money.  The animals continue to breed and must be fed, medicated and trained, whether a sale happens or not. 

After a period of time, this person has grown very fond of the "animals" and may not have learned the difference between something that will pan out and increase his actual net worth, and something that is draining all his resources and should be cut loose as quickly as possible, even if he has to take a loss to plug the leak in his finances. 

Although this may seem so obvious to you, don't pat yourself on the back just yet, because although we may not all have purchased living animals, we all have areas where money is streaming through our fingertips.  In some cases, it's rushing out our back door like a tsunami wave. 

You see, when it's OUR problem, we just can't see it.  We have practiced all of our lives to see through our emotions, instead of through ledger sheets and bookkeepers' tallies. 

This is exactly what a trained marketer, business owner or corporation is counting on, and is the purpose for those ads and commercials on TV.  We all know that people don't buy what they need; they buy whatever has stirred their emotions and given them a glimpse of hope for something better, new or more exciting. 

That's why we give examples and life stories of people who have lost large amounts of weight (so you'll buy our diet programs), or of people who won the lottery (so you'll buy more lottery tickets.) 

The truth is there are some negative assets we hang onto right into the grave, because we WANT to hold onto things that are familiar or give pleasure or help us keep an illusion of what it is we'd like to be. 

If you were absolutely serious about making $100,000 this year, what would you do to make this a reality?  (No, …robbing a bank is not an option!) 

I would want to pattern my life after someone who DID make $100,000 or better each year consistently.  I would stop and ask myself if Donald Trump or Bill Gates would do it this way, or if they would cut something out of the picture and regroup. 

Obviously, Bill Gates and Donald Trump would NOT be raising domestic animals and depending on them for their sole source of income, especially when potential customers are holding back their money for the gas pumps or from fear of not being able to provide for what they already have.  They would not purchase an animal, period, if their income source or amount were unstable. 

We can't be sure what they would have done if they were in our shoes, with our education and environment, but there is one thing we CAN be sure of.  They have acquired their fortunes by a little talked about facet of human intelligence called acuity or perceptiveness.  

In other words, they looked carefully at the bankbooks, and what their bookkeepers reported about their investments and projects, and they made a division between what was truly prospering and what was acting like a lead weight, taking up time and money to maintain. 

They were not afraid to cut the negative assets even if they had to suffer a short time loss to prevent losing much more over a period of time to come. 

If we're honest with ourselves, and examine every area of our business and our personal lives, we can also divide between the positive and the negative resources and in doing this one small thing, we will increase our total net worth and our available spending money without having to actually increase our income! 

Isn't that encouraging? 

Again, there is no lack, and there is no reason to hold back on money, except to consciously take control of your life and decisions to make them work for you.  I remind you again that you can't possibly make decisions that will take you where you need to be, if you haven't first determined your goals. 

There is NO LIMIT to the "busy" work you can be doing, and keep accomplishing and adding to your list, but very little of that will actually MEAN anything.  Put another way, very little of your activities (if done without focusing on the goal) will be positive assets or lead to an increase or betterment of your life. 

The smallest motion or task done on time and on target, will net you more value than a year's worth of running in circles. 

So what should you be doing?  Where should you invest your time, money and talents? 

Frequently take stock of your possessions (assets), your friends and business associates (for how they can benefit you), your daily calendar (your time spent), and your business ventures (accounts receivable, income sources, investments). 

  • Maintain possessions, (clean tools, replace worn out items, protect by locks or insurance).
  • Maintain friendships and networks, (keep up acquaintances, regularly do small favors and unexpected blessings for your "team" and keep them reminded that you consider THEM important) - because such honor is reciprocated.
  • Cull your calendar of all items that do not serve the long-term goal.  This is one of the hardest things to do, because almost all of our activities are emotion based.  (For instance, taking the kids to soccer practice and ballet practice and keeping them current with all the teams and groups you're hoping they are cultivating.)
  • Examine your business ventures and keep track of which ones are producing and which need to be cut loose. 

Don't get caught up in fear and anxiety over them, but establish a reasonable time period to check back in on each and make a decision. 

Don't let it worry you, but don't let your investments be based on emotions.  No matter how badly you want to keep something that your ancestor thought was special, if it's not special to YOU, it's subject to the cut list. 

Perhaps the most difficult area that any of us have to deal with is our children.  Almost without exception, this generation of young adult people need more support and help from their parents than any other generation in the past. 

The reasons aren't important here, but what is important is how you choose to deal with it.  There are no easy answers in this area, and perhaps only in personal relationships are the rules of this game a moot point. 

It all depends on what you want written on your tombstone.  "He/She was a great mom or dad" or "He/She made the dollar mark every time." 

Is it possible to accomplish both?  (If you can believe television reports, Donald Trump hasn't done too badly in either area.) 

Don't forget to thank your friends, family and associates for helping you get where you are today, and God for giving you life and letting you keep it another year.  

Polish up your talents, remember the great things you've already accomplished and focus yourself!  Have a great ride!         Return to Top of Page


52 Fun Things To Do This Year To Put More LIVING In Your Life


What could we accomplish if we each had a “to do” list written down for each year of our lives?

If you wonder why you should care, or why you should set any goals at all, I’d have to ask you if you have checked lately to see if you’re still breathing! 

Humans are goal oriented and accomplishment based.  We need success, and we need to be able to pat ourselves on the back, and receive the praise of our peers for a job well done.  If you’ve slipped away to the point that you truly don’t care anymore, please be advised the next step is a sharp drop off, about 6 ft. deep. 

It’s not too late to come back to the living.  Just look back over your life, find what you’ve accomplished so far and rejoice in those things!  Remember what your passions are, what you were doing before you were interrupted by burdens and that feeling that you had to grow up.  Responsibility doesn’t mean giving up life, it means being the one who can make it happen.  That’s adulthood - Power. 

So here are 52 things you can do to put more life in your body: 

  1. Being involved with a cause.  Fighting for something you believe in.  (They say you’re either standing for something or falling for everything.  Personally, I believe there are one or two missions in each of our hearts, something we’re really passionate about.  Bringing it out and displaying what you care about defines you.) 
  1. Laughing so hard that your sides hurt, or you’re afraid the men with the butterfly nets will come carry you away.  (Yes, remember when you were kids and you couldn’t finish your supper because you were laughing too hard?  DO this OFTEN!  Laughter actually helps the body digest food better, heal itself and is even listed in the Bible as medicine.) 
  1. Making someone’s dream come true.  (No matter how small, it feels wonderful when you can give someone else joy.) 
  1. Fighting a demon, and winning!  (Use scripture, equip and educate yourself, then join in with other believers and go to it!  Many seriously ill people need prayer.  Many causes can be fought spiritually.) 
  1. Creating your “elevator speech”.  (That’s a one or two minute description of who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re going.  Can be used as a sales pitch, a resume for a job, or just to introduce yourself to a new acquaintance.  The reference to the elevator means you have about as much time to say it as a typical ride in an elevator.) 
  1. Arguing for something that would improve your situation, and standing firm on it, no matter the opposition.  (If you know you are right, and if you’re not harming anyone with your requests, or if you know deep in your heart that THIS stand is right for you, go for it!) 
  1. Climbing a peak, no matter how tall or small, if it’s a peak for you, it counts.  (King of the hill.  Master of all you survey.  Yeah!) 
  1. Communicating with water.  In a pool, lake or tub, stop and commune with the water molecules.  They actually change with your moods and thoughts.  You can make them clear and bright, or dark and moody.  (Appreciate the water; it was here with God in the beginning.  It is universal.  It’s your friend.  Check on this on the web or get the book from Amazon.  It’s scientifically proven.) 
  1. Manifest something.  If you get into a peak state of joy, and state an intention of something you want to do or have, and hold that feeling of what it will be like when it comes to pass, you can actually manifest things into the real world from your imagination.  (Get good at it.  How many things this year can you create from thought energy?  A key step in feeling as if you have it already, is being grateful for it in advance, and using all of your 5 senses in your imagination!) 
  1. Making love with a PERSON, not just the ‘mate’ or the ‘significant other’.  I mean, gaze into each other’s eyes, and experience all the reasons you’re with this person, and put your entire mind and heart into it.  Be fully present and INTERACT.  Try to copy your lover’s breathing pattern and speed.  Put his/her hands on your body, and teach him to caress you the way you like.  The insignificant NON-sexual parts will yield amazing results! (Yeah, it takes a little longer, tell him to use the VCR and record the race or game.) 
  1. Rent a new car for a day, and pretend you’re absolutely rich!  Hold that thought, hold it…keep feeling that wonderful feeling of having plenty.  (That’s how you manifest things my dear!) 
  1. Opposites Day  - Do something wonderful for someone you have a difficult time with, and do something awful in an area you have been holding back on.  (Like treating your mother in law to a day spa, and throwing out some things you felt you needed to keep because they belonged to someone you loved.) 
  1. Go to an ocean or large body of water and rent a ride on a boat farther out than you've been before.  Survey the scene and feel the awesome beauty and power of the earth.  Imagine the sailors and explorers and how they felt.  Take some pills for seasickness, or learn the acupressure point about 3 inches back from the wrist to press. (If you can't actually go on this trip, lie down on your bed, close your eyes and imagine it vividly.  "Hear and feel" the wind, smell the salty water, be aware of the multitude of fish and creatures just below the surface beyond your vision.  Feel the drops of sea spray that flick against your face.  You can go anywhere using your imagination, and it's free!)
  1. Find a healing or Pentecostal type church and go down front to be prayed over.  There is nothing at all like being touched by the Holy Spirit.  Being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues is another thing you could aim for, and it’s unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.  (There are many churches, but not all congregations truly believe and put out the effort to walk what they preach.  Keep looking.  When you find it, you’ll know it.) 
  1. Go treasure hunting.  No matter where you live, you can find one of the following:  gold, gemstones, meteorites, truffles, historical treasures such as belt buckles, bullets and old bottles, and many others.  (You can do this without much cost at all, or you can go all out.  Some tools to use:  old fiberglass fishing rods for poking into the ground searching for bottles, a pan to sluice for gold, a shovel, a metal detector and of course don’t forget your current ID and permission to be on the property from the owner.) 
  1. Give a speech.  There is a freedom that you gain, when you get up before an audience and speak.  It comes when you realize that you’re no less important than everyone else, and that you have really valuable and interesting things to tell others.  Opportunities range from speaking at local civic groups and churches to giving eulogies at funerals.  (You can drop your fears, and feel truly equal to your peers when you’ve accomplished this.) 
  1. Stage your own Living Funeral Party, with great food, your favorite music and tell everyone in your family what they’ve meant to you.  Give them any gifts ahead of time.  (Eliminate all the bickering and pressure for the real event, by planning your funeral ahead of time and paying for it in advance.) 
  1. Write your family history, your memoirs or obituary, whatever you’d like to pass on down to others when you leave.  Gather important photographs and valuables and catalog them for posterity.  (Donate them to a museum or the local chapter of the genealogical society if you have no family to pass them down to.) 
  1. Start a new business, maybe something unique that hasn’t been done before.  Do it just for fun, and keep a smile.  Quit when it’s no longer fun, perhaps selling for more than you have in it.  (Think of the things you love to do and think about most, to see what you can create a business out of.) 
  1. Act in a play.  If you’ve never gotten to perform in a play, you’ve missed out on a lot of fun.  There are so many laughs and friendships made before the actual curtain goes up, making acting one of the most social and outgoing activities of them all, while still hiding behind the “mask” of the stage.  It’s rewarding to have an audience applaud your efforts and to hear their laughter at appropriate times.  Look for local community theater groups, check with your local library or church, or start your own theatre group!  (It’s not even so bad when a play flops, if the audience thinks it’s funny.) 
  1. Travel more than 100 miles from home, preferably by yourself.  It’s also best if it’s your idea, and not being forced on you by other circumstances.  Take a vacation to a spa, resort or go to a nearby town where classes are offered in something you’re interested in.  For instance, there is an acupressure clinic in Gainesville, FL that is inexpensive and educational.  There are also Silva Mind Control classes held in most large cities.  (It’s quite different to be somewhere new with friends or family, than to be there by yourself and have the time and freedom to explore.) 
  1. Take up a craft, or art such as painting, or playing music.  Metal sculpture can be lots of fun and will puzzle your neighbors to no end!  (Makes great Christmas presents too!) 
  1. Do something daring, such as skydiving, or police work.  (For me that might simply be to drive in heavy traffic, or baby-sit someone’s children.) 
  1. Volunteer your time at nursing homes and homeless shelters.  (Again, the benefits of kindness will last a lifetime!  It will also help heal your own body!) 
  1. Hobnob with the rich and influential.  Attend the big city “to-do’s” of the city planners and politicians.  (You can make friends, network, and position yourself for a better job, or just have the fun of dressing up for something and making them all wonder who you are!) 
  1. Learn the words to the national anthem, ( 
  1. SING the national anthem at your next sporting event (race track, ball park etc.)! 
  1. Hunt for Big Foot with a group of dedicated researchers.  (Here is a link to a search page for Big Foot groups: .  "BFRO" is great, and don’t miss the Jacobs photos of a big foot up close in the woods.
  1. Learn a foreign language. 
  1. Find a foreign pen pal or phone pal to practice what you’ve learned 
  1. Running for a small local government office.  (Or run for president!) 
  1. Get your own business cards made up, even if you don’t have a business.  (Everyone should have cards that tell how to find you and what you do best.) 
  1. Make your own movie, horror or documentary, or whatever genre you love most. (You can make a short movie for “Youtube” or place it somewhere on the Internet.) 
  1. Teach someone to read.  (Long term or short term involvement, it’s a gift you can give someone that will never stop giving.) 
  1. Build a sun oven and cook your supper outdoors with it.  (Buy one or make one, here’s a link to my friend Mindy who has been cooking with one for years.  Here is a Google search page link with many other choices ). 
  1. Be a clown for a day, or deliver a singing telegram.  (Local malls and chamber of commerce groups might hire you for special advertising or holidays.  I dressed up as Uncle Sam once for the 4th of July at our local mall.  It was great fun and I got paid!) 
  1. Provide transportation for someone to a doctor’s office, or the grocery store. 
  1. Gather a small group of people in your neighborhood to go door to door and offer help with dishes, housecleaning or sorting things into order. 
  1. Make up your own nickname and send out fun little cards to announce it. 
  1. Have a bartering party.  Everyone brings something to the party and sees who they can trade it to and for what.  (Make it fancy or funny, even redneck style.) 
  1. Confuse your neighbors, put a big sign in your yard advertising a “Moving Sale”.  (Have a great yard sale and when asked where you’re moving to, say, “I’m not moving, all that junk was!) 
  1. Saying thank you to everyone in your life who has made a difference, or who influenced who you turned out to be.  (Make little cards, or type a letter to each one, and be specific enough they remember who you are and what they did.) 
  1. Visit as many churches of other faiths than your own, as you can.  Listen to what they are saying, and sit patiently; watching “people”, real people go past you, not just blank faces.  (Know that we all share a need to worship in common, and just for a moment, appreciate all the people who make up all the different faiths.  Don’t argue with anyone, souls are not won through conflict, but by love and ONLY when God is ready for a person, calling them with the Holy Spirit first.)
  1. Be present in the room when a baby is born and takes its first breath of air.  Feel the charge in the room, feel the angels’ presence.  (If possible, witness a natural birth in a home.) 
  1. Go into a child’s world of imagination.  Participate in make believe, as often as you can.  SEE what they see, hear what they hear and make up your own games that please you as well.  (I recommend making a tent with a blanket over some chairs or table and chair, and having a picnic inside.) 
  1. Write a story.  Take a shot at fiction, create your characters either from thin air or patterned after people you have known.  (The only safe way of playing “god” with what happens next!  Or start a newsletter like this one!) 
  1. Turn off your phone and/or television for a couple of days or a week.  (Listen for life and the sounds of the earth.  Listen to your own body.) 
  1. Do a kind act for a rescue team, such as firemen, police, EMT’s etc.  (Take them a free meal, or order them pizzas etc.) 
  1. Write a letter to an editor of a major newspaper, or a government official and tell them how you feel about things.  Get it off your chest.  (Be respectful!  They’re people too and likely it’s their assistants and young aides who will actually read your letter.) 
  1. Get a massage.  Most towns have specialists with degrees who do various kinds of therapeutic massage, even reflexology.  Who wouldn’t love a foot massage? 
  1. Visit a disaster zone.  There are floods and earthquakes happening everywhere.  Go volunteer your time and help, or organize something here to send. 
  1.  Research your family tree, actually draw or create it into something you can hang on the wall.  (A mural or a framed picture?) 

I haven’t actually stopped here, except if I don’t send it this out, you’ll never get to read it.  So I’m going to keep thinking up more fun things to do.  If you have some ideas, send them to me and I’ll add them in too.       Return to Top of Page


New Revelations Of The Word


Understanding #1:

You may know about, that you can read all the versions of the Bible there, and several commentaries, and search for keywords and passages with the click of a button.  

I was checking on the Sermon on the Mount, the part about not calling someone a fool, or worthless.  Eileen and I had been talking about possible meanings so I wanted to see what the exact wording was.  

What I found was absolutely amazing.  Somehow I was on the version called the Contemporary English Version, and as I read this chapter, my eyes were opened and the Word went deeper in my heart.  Please take a look at this wonderful Sermon that Jesus Himself gave.  It only takes a few minutes to read, but might impress you for a lifetime.

Below are the verses we were talking about:

Matthew 5:21-24  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said:

21 You know that our ancestors were told, "Do not murder" and "A murderer must be brought to trial."

22 But I promise you that if you are angry with someone, you will have to stand trial.  If you call someone a fool, you will be taken to court. And if you say that someone is worthless, you will be in danger of the fires of hell. 

23 So if you are about to place your gift on the altar and remember that someone is angry with you, 

24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. Make peace with that person, then come back and offer your gift to God.

Our discussion was: 

How can you call someone worthless, when you're just like him?  We were all created equal, we're all connected by Spirit, and all loved by God.  Each piece of the mirror ball is just alike, only in a different position in the sphere.  To call one worthless, means all are worthless, including yourself.  Including God who formed us from Himself, breathed His own breath into man and endures us throughout eternity because of His great love for His creation.

When you criticize someone for their actions or behavior, it could be that the person may be acting under the Spirit to do the will of God, and you misunderstood the importance of that act, so be careful you're not in effect calling God stupid!

It is obvious here, that we're judged by our intentions, and that everything in our lives is based on our will, our thoughts and our intentions.  Jesus looks past the circumstances to see what the motives were.

Understanding #2:

When you see someone healing, or doing miracles and you want to get involved in what they're doing (such as new age ideas or psychic practices), look first to see if this person is giving God the glory for what they're accomplishing.  If God is not getting the glory, He's not going to get involved, so you can pretty well tell by that if this is really of God.

Be wary of thin praises and slight or vague acknowledgement of "God".  The Bible says all who say that the messiah has come in the flesh in the person of Jesus Christ is of God, and that no one can say Jesus is Lord without the Spirit giving it utterance.           Return to Top of Page

Summing It Up


The bottom line wherever you live, is that you have a wide and unimaginable impact on everyone else here, and those who have not even been born yet.  All of us are interconnected, and every decision we make, every hand we shake or person we say hello to, changes the future.  

Every new friend, every kindness we show, and even the times we show our fannies and say or do things that hurt others, our effect on earth is either drawing people together or dividing them apart.

If you've never thought about it before, drop a penny on the ground and walk away.  You've just put into place a discovery of joy for someone.  

Send a letter to a soldier or to someone in a nursing home or prison.  Or do nothing except pray for everyone you can think of.  

You can sit in your chair and hold a person in your thoughts, and your spirit will reach out to that person and touch them.  Without even knowing why they feel the way they do, or why they suddenly thought of you, their body and soul is going to react to being touched by you from miles away.

You have an incredible amount of power in this lifetime.  I haven't even mentioned the power of your spoken word on the elements of the universe to create and manifest what you've commanded.

BEWARE of what you say and do, because when we leave this body, we will stand before God and have to give an account for it all.  Everything we've said and everything we've done, and the reward we get will be dependent on what we have done here.  Some of the things we choose to do may take away from our reward.

If we've accepted Jesus for the bad we've done, His sacrifice has already been the punishment we would have received.  But we will still be called to give an account for what we've done with this life and this love that we have been made capable of.   Wouldn't you prefer to be approved and rewarded, then just squeak by with your life?

Like the television commercial "I could have had a V-8" juice drink, will you be slapping yourself on the forehead and realizing all that you missed, and all that you should have done?  Or will you smile to yourself and say, "I'm glad that I became aware and was turned around in time, so I had a portion of my life left to do good."

God bless you!  I love you!          Return to Top of Page


No Apologies


Above and beyond my desire to comfort, encourage and nourish your heart, is my command to obedience to God and His Word.  I will not apologize for my belief in Jesus as my Savior and that understanding of His sacrifice (and taking it willfully upon yourself as yours) is a requirement for total salvation and eternal life.

I read a great deal of opinions and mush online and in books, some of which sound very good, very loving and helpful, and it's easy to get very subtly pulled away from the straight and narrow path.

If you do not believe in rewards and punishments, or if you do not totally and truly worship the Living God, then the curve of this path won't matter at all.  I do believe.

That belief has brought me into the realm of miracles and actually meeting God, hearing His voice and knowing that my prayers are always answered, and I'm always rescued.  

Many churches exist that are filled with people and meet at least twice a week, who do not even know if God is real.  Their pastors publicly admit they don't really believe in a God.  

Why in the world would you be standing in that position, collecting a check for leading souls to heaven, if you can't even be sure heaven exists?

They've never had a personal experience with the Spirit, or Jesus, or God our Father, they only have a certificate of completion of religious studies from a school that runs based on money.  

I have met the Living God and I know that nothing that is truly God's can be bought with cash, or any sacrifice a man or woman can give, except their heart.  And that's free, as is Jesus' gift of life to you.  

I met Him late in my life.  I had searched halfheartedly for Him for years.  I even had prayed down miracles and gone through the motions of being a Christian, and then...suddenly, there He was.  The power and the hush of His Holiness is incredible and once you've tasted the Spirit, you'll never again be satisfied in one of those churches who are going through the motions and going right off the cliff into an eternity without the God they seek.

What YOU may think of me may sting for a short time, but what God thinks of me will sting for eternity if I get it wrong.

Pray for me, that I do not speak out of my own ego or against God's truth.  I will pray for you the same.

Again I give you the vision Jesus Christ gave to me personally.  He said tell them that I've bought back their inheritance, and I offer it freely to my bride.  The lands, the future, the blessings of every kind.  Tell them I am their husband, and I am their comfort.

He said we will hang this vision on my front porch, and it will draw the wounded, the lonely, the hurting, to Him, and He will give them gifts.

This Jesus, so kind and so meek, owner of all that exists in the universe (because of His obedience to the Father, and who He is), offers to you His love, His friendship, His eternal companionship.

If you don't know for sure that you have accepted Jesus and ARE His bride, simply ask for it now.

"Jesus, I believe you died for me, I believe that you came from God to rescue mankind, and to pay the price for our disobedience, because no ordinary mortal could have paid it.  I believe you offer it to me freely for the taking and I accept, dear Jesus!  I accept!  Please write my name in your book of life and come be my companion. When my time on earth is through, I will go be with you.

Be with me each day, Lord, and teach me what I must do to please you and be your bride.  In your name Jesus I pray, Amen."

Be baptized, join with other believers in prayer and study, and partake of the Lord's Supper (communion) as often as you can.  Understand that ceremony above all others of the church, because in it is your continuing forgiveness and your continuing healing.

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