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Alternative Ways To Earn Your Living


Work at Home
Services: Consulting/Research
Baking/cooking for working families
After school tutor/homework assistant/bible study

Party House Rental
Mini Seminars/ teaching skills at home
Portrait Studio in house


Create a Business
Candy or balloon bouquets
Consultant Services: beauty, resume writing, job and loan availability
Budget Specialist/ Credit counselor

Fill a Need
Check on the elderly
Security for homes, construction and car lots
Sitting: Pets/elderly/boats, etc.
Home Organizer: to help with spring cleaning and estate sales or to put things in order
Photography for businesses/banks and realtors.

Learn New Career
Paralegal Services
House Appraiser or Inspector
Cleaning Services for new construction homes or rentals

Driveway sealing or decorating and engraving

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With prayer and counsel (from family and church friends who know your gifts and talents) be open to new ways to care for your family.  There are many other methods to earn money, things people used to do, things that our unique situation today opens the door for you to do. 

Take your needs to your church, pray over them, share resources and expect (donít just ask) God to meet every one! 

Some examples of alternative means of making a living: 

*Share cropping, working fields or animals for a landowner or farmer, possibly even living on his land in a house for the hired help. 

*Living in with the elderly, to cook and clean for someone whose family is far away, but who is not ready to go to a nursing facility. 

*Personal nurses assistant.  This would be in addition to the nursing staff at a home, because they are not always quick or free to care for each patient when needed, and sometimes make mistakes about medicines and feeding.  A private family (especially those at a distance) could hire you (perhaps for less than a nursesí aid), to check on the patient, make sure meds and food are properly given and that the patient is in good health.  Youíd report directly to the family and be an assistant to the patient. 

*Selling your handmade goods in public places.  Iíve seen more people selling puppies and handmade purses, baked goods and flower decorations around town than ever before.  In the past it was common to see people sitting outside a store and taking donations for pencils or candy canes to raise money for their charity or local church.  You can also ask permission to set up in parking lots or outside stores and churches, to sell what youíve made to benefit yourself.  You might need a permit, but you might not.  Ask and see.

If youíre selling lunch foods or snacks you can even call or drop by your local businesses (especially the ones you do business with) and ask if they would allow you to check with them each day to see if anyone would like to buy from you.  Leave your phone number for any advance orders.

*Right now, the banks are having a hard time with foreclosed homes sitting empty being vandalized.  If you live near some of these homes, you and your family might arrange a deal to be in and out of those homes through the day and night, keep lights burning there, and just be a type of security patrol for them.  You could save them thousands of dollars in damages.

*The same security is needed today for construction sites, because of material theft, and car lots which are experiencing terrible vandalism on cars.  Talk with the police in your area, find out what protection you might need and are allowed.  This could be a lucrative home business for you.

*If you have a nice house with a large room to host parties, such as birthday, anniversary, weddings or receptions, etc., you can rent the room out for events, perhaps even cater it yourself.  Renting a place to host a party is usually cost prohibitive for the common family, so if you can rent it for $25 or less, you'd have no limit to the number of people who would be glad to pay you.  Of course, the going rate in even small cities is $150 to $200 per event, so you can charge more if you must.

*Many people cook for others, as a private chef or to share their dinners with neighbors who have to work and are too busy to cook.  If you're making supper anyway, make a double batch for your clients.

*Have a digital camera, good lighting, space for a studio?  Consider taking photos and putting them on CDs for families to print at their own convenience.  Prices for the CDs begin at $8 when the portraits are bought too, but if you are only selling the CD, charge one flat price for your time.  Make it affordable and you'll have everyone at your door for photos.

*Let area banks and realtors know you and your digital camera are available for security and insurance purposes, photos of new property listings and advertising.

*Parents have difficulty keeping their children safe after school when they have to work.  If you can offer a quiet place for homework, perhaps some assistance with the school work, or tutoring, or if you just want to advertise Bible Study, you can offer a safe haven to young people who have to wait on their parents.  I mention the tutoring because some cities have strict requirements for babysitters and daycares.  

*Sitting jobs are as numerous as there are things to be watched over.  Pet sitting, plant sitting, house sitting, caring for the elderly, respite care for handicapped people, and even safe locked storage for things like boats and motorcycles on a short term basis.

*If you're good with budgeting and know how to handle your money well, you might offer to work with couples on making budgets and paying down their bills.  You could help them come up with the plan, and either pay their bills for them out of their paycheck, or just provide them the envelopes already made out and not handle their money yourself.  Check into liabilities of course, but I think this could be a big help for so many of us who don't know how to budget.

*Driveways and patios, porches etc., anything made of cement or wood need to be sealed.  Besides just sealing what is already there, you might create driveways or patios.  If you can engrave cement (with a router or skill saw), or paint designs onto driveways, you have another job opportunity.  Some companies get big money to do this, but it only takes a bit of skill, the right materials to work with and some practice.

No matter what you'd like to do, if you can combine what you know about or love to do, with the needs of the people around you, you've got a winning business.  All you need to add is an affordable price and good customer service and you can be making extra money on the side or creating a new business.  Good luck!

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