The Self Made Woman

by Alexzandra de le Iglesia



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I'm proud to announce the most helpful book you're likely to read this year, and it was written by my friend Alexzandra.  

A cancer survivor, she lives in Seattle with her daughter, and has written about the process of discovering what you want out of life, and how to depend on yourself no matter what life throws at you.

I don't know too many people who really do know what they want out of life or how to get it, but Alexzandra's book should be required reading for teens and college students.

Amazon says: "This humorous and inspirational book was written by a woman for women. Alexzandra de la Iglesia provides an easy and practical step-by-step guide to changing your life forever. Along the way you will define who you truly are, what are your deepest desires, what do you really want, and then begin to make it your own. No matter what your current age or circumstance there is nothing standing in the way of you having the life and lifestyle you have always dreamed of. The Self Made Woman will show you how to make it your reality. This is your moment. Right here, right now. Empower yourself and begin to live your dream."

Alexzandra says,
"I have a wonderful daughter, and I also owned two interior design firms over the last several decades but chose to slow way down when my daughter was born. 

Two weeks before Christmas in 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer. That was a blessing in so many ways. I am in full remission now and I live a healthier lifestyle than I ever had before. Since I was no longer able to do interior design work I had to close my business for good in 2006.

As a mom I still needed a way to support my daughter but I was no longer able to endure the rigors and stress of a regular job. My daughter is my top priority and I wanted to be available to her whenever she needed me.

I was giving it a lot of very intense thought when the book and the DVD of "The Secret" fell into my lap, so to speak. That was the first step in a long and intense journey that brought me to a brand new career as an author.  I discovered I was absolutely passionate about writing for women about women's issues. 

Just a few weeks ago I published my first book as a Kindel ebook on entitled The Self Made Woman. It took a year to write but it was one of the most memorable years of my life and I am currently working on the second in the series."



I really hope that the visitors to my site will think about the possibilities of what they could achieve in their lives, and Alexzandra's book may be the first step in discovering the WHAT and the HOW of it.

~Lisa Tyler

"Chastity Rose"

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