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Have you heard?  There's a new Newsletter in town, and it's called The Secret Garden Letters, uploaded as close to monthly as I can manage.

The Secret Garden Letters will tell you things like:

  • How to never get sick again, (it works, I use it!)

  • How to make the money you have now magically increase, (praise the Lord!), and

  • How to become so beautiful and desirable that you'll become a magnet drawing the world to your door.

I'm sure you're dying to ask how these things can be so!

Shhhhh.... it's in the Letters, but only for you to know... .

My Letters are for either men or women - and for most any age.

The Secret Garden Letters are inspirational.  As a student of God's Word, I'm constantly inspired and want to share with you the gems of wisdom that the world has not been taught in a very long time.

I love to share alternative or different ways of doing things to make your life a bit easier.  I love science and the new discoveries about our world fascinate me.

I also hope to encourage you and make your day a little happier.

These Letters are Interactive!  Which means you can write to me and I'll answer you.  We can talk about what's bothering you, and find solutions to problems together.  All correspondence between us is private, just between us.

Lastly, the Letters are Spiritual.  I am unashamedly a Christian so they contain God's Word and seek to give honor to Him.

I'm not here to push my beliefs on you, but if you're a Christian, to increase your faith.  My family has received so many healing miracles that I've come to know God loves us with a passion we cannot imagine!

God bless you and I hope we become close friends!  Look for the new issue of the newsletter on the front page, or right here.  If you send me your email address, I can send you the link as soon as I upload the next issue.   chastityrose @

Let me know if you enjoy the newsletter.




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