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The links on the left are all to experienced, legitimate people who have become successful on the Internet and in the real world, who are offering their tools and business plans for you to copy.  They have proven it works, if you work the plan.

There are links on these sites to classified ads of real jobs you can apply for online.

Every link here is something I recommend and believe will help you.  No advertising, no cheating.  There are no get rich quick scams listed here.

  The key to being successful and prospering is to seek and obey the Lord.  The Bible says God is the one who teaches us to profit.  All our supply comes from Him.  

If you will tithe 10% of your money to God's work, and 10% of your money to yourself first, you will prosper.  Go to God in prayer and ask for His blessings.  Speak back to God the scripture He has quoted to you about your prosperity, then do what you know to do.  Use the talents He has given you, and find the things you love to do.  Opportunities will come.  Share what you have with the poor, make sure your family is cared for.  Honor your parents and do what you can for them.  This is the whole duty of mankind.

I know this is true because God is digging my sisters and me out of debt and paying off all that we owe.  He has supernaturally cancelled out many debts without a need for money.  You can read our praise reports here:

There are so many blessings happening that I'm having trouble keeping the page updated.  Many more are about to be posted.

Scripture verses about prosperity that you can use

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The picture above is one that I made on my own scanner.  I had 13 one hundred dollar bills and was creating an image that I could hold in my mind of the abundance I was experiencing and what I expected to receive again in the future.  

You can find your own abundance if you use scripture where God promises us that He'll provide for us, and speak it out as if it were true, even before you actually receive it.  

You can find that scripture turned around into affirmations you can speak back to God and tap into His will for your life here in the Faith Confessions

So don't focus on lack, focus on the feeling of joy that abundance gives you and claim it for your own, right now. 

In the Bible we're told to "call upon those things that be not, as though they were", and to ask in Jesus' name.  This means, ask for what you need, and then be confident that it was granted.  ACT as if it had already been done for you and you will quickly see the physical results.

I celebrate your abundance!

No matter which business a person goes into, he/she has to know what he's selling, to whom, and why.  He has to invest time to plan and money to buy his materials to either sell or set himself up in business.  

He has to learn to get HIMSELF out of the way, and provide to the customer what THEY WANT.  Because the customer's needs and desires are all there is in business.  

These are serious work opportunities and you're smart enough to know there is no get rich quick business that is legal, moral and ethical. 

The good news is, when you build an honest business, it stands to reap a greater reward than a quick profit for a season.









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