Meet Yani de Saldahna - Founder of Successful Web Women

Yani de Saldanha

I know that some of you might be going through what I went. I hope Successful Web Women will help you to reach all of your dreams and goals and bring some magic into your life.

I was born in 1964 in Germany and grew up in a village close to Munich. I studied business administration in Munich and in the South of France.

I have always been attracted to foreign cultures and languages and I consider my nationality "
European". I spent lots of time in France, England, Italy, Spain and Portugal, learning the languages and working in almost all of these countries.

My career started in Paris in the international project finance. I left this sector 10 years later, when I found out that women donít have the same chances as men in this areaÖ and there was nothing I could do about it!

In 2003, without even thinking, I gave up my career and my job to follow my husband to Portugal. Here, I didn't find a job and I felt that my professional advancement had stopped. I also realized that it would be very difficult or even impossible to re-start my old career.

From an independent business woman, I turned into a dependent housewife.

Many of my expatriate friends have the same problem and my goal was to find a solution for all of us: There had to be a way to work from home, in a field we love ... wherever we live! This is when Successful Web Women was born.

Just picture yourself...

Working in your home office Ö wherever you are living!

  • Taking your business with you whenever you are moving
  • Developing a business in your native language and in a field you really love
  • Working without any frontiers and boundaries
  • No working permit needed
  • Building up a second income and security for you and your family
  • Being able to live in whatever country suits you

And still having enough time and flexibility to

  • Travel whenever you wish
  • Take care of your children
  • Participate in the ladies programs and charities
  • Discover the sites and culture of your host country

I'm not a computer specialist and I didnít take any lessons in web-design. I did everything you see on my website on my own. I also created the Web Design Course on my own. Itís designed for women without any experience in computers. I show step by step how to do everything, in baby steps.

Since Internet Marketing was new for me as well, I joined the Mentoring Program of one of the most successful and experienced Internet Marketing Gurus in the world: Dr. Joe Vitale. What Iíve been learning is mind-boggling!!! And the best of all, YOU, as a Successful Web Woman, will learn all this as well.

Click Here to find the website of Successful Web Women and see if Yani's course is right for you!




Ensuring Women The Freedom To Learn How To Earn

Successful Web Women

With my course you will learn how to

  • find your online business idea

  • build your own website and

  • put your online shop and 

  • secure payment system on it.

You will also learn

  • Search Engine Optimization and

  • Internet Marketing.

  • website building and

  • internet marketing


Successful Web Women's Step by Step Online Web Design Course is the perfect solution for women to create their own tailor made Online Business!


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