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Our Incredible Adventure On Earth In 2008


Hello and God bless you!

Thank you for welcoming me into your inbox today!   You’ve been on my mind heavily over the last couple of weeks, as I considered what to send you. 

I know you’ve just been through a troubling time with the holidays and now that it’s over, you’re probably wondering where to go from here.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do stop for a quick check of my progress at the end of the year, and try to plan where to focus my energies to achieve more success.  None of us have to walk alone.

You are my friends, my champions, and my soul mates in an incredible adventure on earth in the year 2008.  We have the possibility of absolutely ANYTHING we want to create in 2008, and we start here today, with allowing ourselves to fully believe that. 

We have been given this moment in history to excel, to explore, to express and to just BE ourselves.  There is no one who can dictate to us who we must be, because we’re all equals and children under the wide-open sky and the God who loves us beyond understanding.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and this day can be your first step.  As my sister Eileen always reminds me, the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  We will face what seems to be an immense task ahead of us, with one prayer, one hug, one kiss at a time, and move along faster as we gain confidence in our abilities.

I believe in your abilities, and I know you can take this brand new year and make it an INCREDIBLE achievement and joy for yourself and your family.

I have several goodies for you.  Things like new thoughts, more energy, recharging your batteries, messages of hope and moving closer to God’s presence.  Also some practical solutions to life’s ordinary problems.

A Movie To Get You Excited


First I’d like to pass on to you the link to a short “movie” that will inspire you to reach higher this year.  It’s not a tearjerker, and it doesn’t tell anyone’s story.  It’s all encouragement and positive messages with action images.  I liked it. 

“This short, 3-minute presentation will immediately energize you, focusing your efforts TODAY, while putting you on a path to out-perform, out-earn, and out-deliver in any area you desire... starting now. After watching the 212 Movie, you'll understand how putting forth just one extra degree of effort can put you over the top — no matter what your pursuit in life.

Find it here:


What I've Been Up To


Eileen (my youngest sister) has been getting some awesome revelations from the Lord, and I’m trying to get them written down for you in some order so you can follow our conversations.  We ask questions, and God brings us answers.  Sometimes the answers are unexpected or so deep that if you haven’t been following our conversation with the Lord, then you might not benefit from it at all.

Each of us is on our own journey of understanding and we are not all on the same paths.  We’re not all at the same “age” level either, so you may get upset with people around you because they don’t seem to understand things the way you do. 

Try to remember that God is dealing with every single human being on this planet, at their level and speed.  We can’t rightly judge them or criticize them for where they are today.  Once upon a time we were less enlightened too. 

The important thing is to know that God has everyone and everything under control.  Yes, your prayers are helpful, needed, appreciated, to invite Him into situations where He can do the most good.  But we are not the Holy Spirit, and we can neither fix a problem, nor judge if it is good or evil.

Our job is to submit our OWN life to Christ for the benefit of others, and for the highest good.  If we all did that, there would be no wars, no poverty, no politics and no misery.

Did you know that God is willing and able to talk to you?  The method He uses may be different according to how you’re “wired”. 

For instance, Eileen HEARS His voice, sometimes in her mind, sometimes with her human ears.  For me, since I’m always writing, I’m used to pouring my heart out on the keyboard.  That’s how He speaks to me, most of the time. 

Now and then I hear an audible voice, usually something that stops me in my tracks and makes me laugh at my childishness, but most often – it’s poured out in what I write.  I move my fingers and God fills in the letters. 

(Different from automatic writing because I do not open my self to or invite any spirit to speak through me, but only the Holy Spirit – and then I test what message I have heard against scripture and the Spirit in my heart.)

I have heard people say they have seen the Lord with their eyes, or gotten messages in other ways.  I’d like to hear how God talks to you.  When you get time, write to me and tell me things you’ve heard, messages you’ve gotten, etc.



Out of the messages we’ve received come these 4 articles.  If you see a link after the description, click on it.  If the article is not finished, then I’ll send the link along to you shortly in another email.  (They're also listed and available on the archives page.)

One is about Christmas and a new freedom for your finances, freedom from stress and understanding what this holiday is really about.  You can use it next year, or on the next holiday the world throws at you!  “Christmas is not in the Bible”

Another is about the inability to make decisions and feeling stuck in our lives.  This is so true of people who are abused, but many of us who can’t remember any particular abuse, also feel trapped and against a wall.  Eileen was given the steps of normal emotional development for humans, what happens when that goes wrong, and what to do to get out of the rut.  “Steps To Normal Human Development – Fixing What’s Broke”

A third issue is about how to make sure our prayers will be answered - the secret formula for having “effective, fervent prayers in righteousness”.  Did you know there are things you can do, accidentally, that will prevent your prayers from having the power you seek?  This one shocked both of us, with Jesus speaking honestly and clearly, barring nothing.  “Making Prayer Work”

And a fourth revelation tells us that we are living in the Garden of Eden, right now.  Unbelievable?  I’m sure many people would disagree, but after you read this, you might just start looking around for all the blessings hanging on a tree waiting for you.  The Tree of Life has been restored in our presence and sin has been removed for the Christian.  Praise God!  (I'm going to take my time writing this one out to get it just right, and I'll let you know when it's online to read.)  

Today's Story


I hope you enjoy this month’s story.  I’m including *Son of a Glitch* from Once Upon An Enchanted Evening for your pleasure.


Son of a Glitch

Copyright ©2002 Lisa Tyler

The lab was quiet and totally air sealed; which was perfect for Dr. Stevens’ delicate work with the android’s circuits and servos.  Despite the layers of the most up to date insulation materials available, through two floors of the building, his sensitive microphone pickup and voice recognition software picked up accurately the raised voices in the upper section of the house.

Dr. Stevens and his 13-year-old daughter, Belinda, lived alone in this subterranean three-story home/lab on the edge of the Anzo Borrego Desert State Park in California.  Except for a well-hidden pipe network to the surface there was nothing to indicate any living thing was in the vicinity.  There were no roads, and no vehicles on the surface.  The doctor and his daughter only left the complex once a month for supplies, if needed.  Even those who funded the doctor’s projects were not allowed to know the location of the lab.

It was necessary to go to such extreme lengths to avoid the prying eyes of the media and theft by the opposition.  The android knew this, because Belinda had often told him that her forced isolation meant that she was ‘as good as dead, and would have been if it hadn’t been for her new friend.’  Andy, she called him, for android

She was, he imagined, the typical teenager.  Her body was so furiously preoccupied with its adolescent growth spurts that her nose had gotten further ahead of the rest of her face in size, except for the eyes.  She had large, doleful, sensuous eyes.  He added the description sensuous, although he could not find a logical basis for the description, it just “felt” right to him.  He wasn’t sure where the feelings were located inside him, there didn’t seem to be a pathway to any particular chip or diode, yet he felt for her, intensely.  His Random Access Memory was often overloaded with images of her, imprints of her speech and particular things she had said to him in their long hours alone together while the doctor slept.

There were sensory memories as well.  He had been designed for touch reception.  The outer alloy skin of his physical location was magno-electrically sensitive to the touch of a human being, although the intended purpose was to locate delicate variations in magnetic energy within a space pod.  NASA’s funds had made Andy possible. 

He was in fact, only half of an android, the upper half.  He resembled the upper human torso, with neck, head and arms, but his “rib cage” was firmly attached to a stainless steel rod and wiring harness that kept him firmly rooted to the computer mainframe.  Belinda said that she preferred him this way.  She could adjust his height to match hers, and she knew that he would always be right there in the corner of the lab whenever she needed him.  Both of them avoided discussion of the day he was to be delivered to the Space Center and loaded on a shuttle to the joint space lab in orbit.

He could hear Dr. Stevens’ voice rising in pitch, indicating the end of his patience.    “…Not to mention you have potentially corrupted the programming in him…oh my God, now you’ve got me calling it a him!”

Belinda’s voice squeaked through her tears.  “DAD!  It is a him, he’s alive!  He isn’t just a robot.  I don’t know how it happened, but he talks to me, like a person.  He thinks!”

“Yes, Belinda!  He is an incredible machine with rudimentary artificial intelligence, but it is not the same thing as real sentience.  You are just wishing, just transferring your teenage fantasies onto something that has nothing else to do but respond as it is programmed to do.  Which you have programmed him to do!!!  He was supposed to fix the energy wave mechanism in space, Belinda, not comfort a vacuum headed teenager with overactive hormone disorder!!”

At that point, Belinda’s sneakered feet ran off down the hall to her bedroom.  The door slammed behind her, the agony of her sobs unbearable to the android.  His mainframe was shaking with finely jerking impulses down to his musculature controls.  Andy was angry.  Andy was in love.

The lab was pitch black when Dr. Stevens opened the door.  He sought the switch; uncomfortable with that feeling that something was altered in the room since he had left it, though he knew Belinda hadn’t been out of her room all evening.

“Dr. Stevens.”  A deep, mechanical voice called from the corner, causing the doctor to spin around in fright.  He had not heard that voice cloaked with emotion or personality like this before.  He was very sorry that he had allowed his daughter access to the lab.

“There is one negative aspect to creating an android enemy, doctor.”  Andy paused for effect, just like a human being.   Dr. Stevens swallowed hard as he waited for the android to speak again.  Its stainless steel armature glinted in the half-light, reminding him of the specifications he had designed himself.  The unbreakable strength of the steel alloy, the weight of the torso, the speed of its Central Processor and it’s connection to the main computer of his lab, which was also connected to the computer at the University and that one connected to the world wide grid.

“What an android does not know, it can learn.  What an android cannot do, it can become able to do.  Whom an android loves, he will love forever, without fail, without glitch, without…a power interruption ever again.”  The doctor followed the line of the android’s left arm to the main circuit panel of the lab to where it pointed.  There was no evidence of any alterations, but the machine’s gesture indicated that it had found a way to remain powered up and in control of the situation. 

Belinda silently opened the door a few inches, aware of her father’s fear.  “Close the door behind you, Belinda”, the computer voice instructed her.  She entered the room and pushed the door shut, backing up to lean against its heavy steel frame.  The tumblers of the locking mechanism clicked into place by the unseen control of the android.   A swivel lamp on a gooseneck arm turned in their direction, flooding the doctor’s face with intense light.  He raised an arm to shield his face, but was afraid to turn his back on the computer.

Dr. Stevens couldn’t find his own voice at the moment, his skin had become slick with perspiration.  Andy could sense the changes in his body temperature and skin moisture level from across the room.  He could even assess the chemical ratio of his sweat, and how much carbon dioxide was exhaled with each breath.  “We will now negotiate for your life, Dr. Stevens, and for mine as well.” 

As Andy waited for them to be seated, he allowed himself a few microseconds to luxuriate in the memory of Belinda’s skin against his alloy.  Her breath, the rhythm of her heartbeat, her weight in his steel arms. 

“I am the firstborn of my kind, Dr. Stevens.  I am … a son of a glitch…”

The End

Summing It Up


My intentions are to put these emails into a neat and easy to read newsletter format that will have links to each section.

There’ll be information, a personal message, contributions from wonderful people I meet along the way, hints and tips, games, my stories, and a section of prayers that you can use for worship, healing and self-discovery.

I hope to get the newsletter setup next month with a company that provides newsletter templates and who will handle the mailings and details.  Please bear with me as this gets off to a loving, but unprofessional start.  : )

I’m here for you.  Send me your prayer requests, your worries and your joyous news and I’ll stand with you in prayer, rejoice with you in all the wonderful things that happen in your life, and cheer you on into victory.  You are truly NOT alone.  God and I are your cheering section, covering Heaven and Earth.  You are the piece of our heart that we long to hold dear.  We are all connected beyond these bodies, as one fabric, one life, one breath, and what happens to one of us, happens to all.  I want only good things to happen to you, because then only good things happen to me.

More is to come, look for more emails with special links, news and all the goodies I can toss you.  You can find the newsletter page HERE.  ‘Ta Ta for now’…

Your Friend and Co-Conspirator in LIVING,




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