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If I could address the United Nations or a gathering of mankind, I'd have this to say.  (For you who do not govern countries, but read this message from home, please take it to heart.)


Last night I was watching TV, a show called Atom, a 3 part documentary on the science about atoms and what we’ve discovered so far.  It said scientists have discovered a puzzle, a mystery that they couldn’t have imagined.  Everything so far has been defined, structured and follows rules that have become so “ho-hum” that we’ve lost the thrill of their discovery. 

Not anymore.  A short while ago they peered into the atom and discovered that even the atom is made up of smaller parts, and those smaller parts are made up of smaller parts, and so on.  They just called these “smaller parts” sub-atomic particles for simplicity I suppose.

The problem was, somebody discovered a part that didn’t play by the rules.  The tiniest particle of all so far in our discoveries is called a "quark", and when they discovered this little fellow, they saw the mysteries of creation.  They said that these parts can be anywhere at any given time.  I don’t mean quarks are everywhere.  I mean, this ONE quark might be here AND there at the same time, or nowhere.  In fact, they believe that this part only shows up when somebody is looking at it!

Whoa!  Remember in school when they proposed the question, if a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to see it, does it make a noise?

Who would have guessed that this question was important?

Who would have guessed that God had hidden a secret game and a chuckle into His creation, waiting eons of time for man to develop an electron microscope and all of the equipment to be able to investigate such a thing?  It’s almost like hide and seek with God having the last laugh.  Or is it?  

What if it’s a love letter from God, gently and lovingly hidden under our pillows?

Well, we can’t say that He hasn’t put beauty and love all around us, and many mysteries that we’ve already discovered and relegated to the “ho-hum” status.  Maybe He knew we’d do that, so He had to put in another, smaller, more hidden statement to us.

Was he saying, “I am God, I’m truly here"?

Was he saying, “I loved you enough to create your world with so many intricate mysteries that you could spend your entire lives discovering all my benefits and blessings, because I want you to be happy, prosperous and like me”?

Or was he saying, “I’m watching you.  I’ve created a wonder of wonders, beyond your mortal imaginations, and I’ve entrusted it to you.  To be keepers of my garden, to be benefactors to your brethren, who are also my beloved creations.”

I think He said all of the above.  And perhaps much more, that we’ll learn as we are able to understand the messages hidden in creation.

Think about this a moment.  Before there were human beings on earth, there were these molecules of similar elements, arranged intricately into groups that made up land, water, grass and tress and all that we would need for our lives. 

But wait a minute!  Before there was the earth itself and before there were molecules banded together, there were these atoms, perhaps pieces of God Himself that He commanded to gather together and become the planet we would live on.

But wait a minute!  Before there were atoms, there were tiny little pieces of atoms, the quarks and whatever else there may be even smaller.  They seem to be the intelligence and substance of God Himself, with a huge sense of humor!

Scientists could accept that all matter was energy, and that thought itself is energy, and we reasoned the rest out, - that we are the thoughts of God manifested by obedience of these particles of energy to form themselves into solid matter to hold a human being upon, so that we don’t slip right through the planet and fall out into outer space! 

Have you ever wanted to dig your way through to China as a child?  I’m very glad God put something very dense in the middle of the earth, and rules for our world, so that in our presumptuous, impetuous attempt at managing our world, we don’t drill a hole so deep that it opens up on the other side of earth!

So why am I saying this to you today, and why would I want to address the United Nations? 

Because here you are, (wherever you the reader are today), a part of the most powerful, prestigious group of men and women in the world.  

Your hands control the direction of mankind on earth.  I believe you (and those reading or watching from their homes), are each given a part in this magnificent creation and mystery of life, happening all around and within you.  And with that part, is responsibility for its direction and welfare. 

The funny thing is, when you think of creation, and your life at this moment, the most important thing is the tiniest parts, not the world as a whole. 

It’s easy to think of the whole globe and its wars, and sending massive armies here and there, and draining massive amounts of oil from its secret underground caverns, and harvesting animals and food in these astronomical figures because when we stand at a distance it’s only a numbers game from there.

But if you stand at the other end, with the tiniest of our responsibilities, that barely perceptible, amazing “quark” that preceded the atom, there is no burden, no responsibility, no anger, no war, no need.  There is only child like joy and awe, watching something so tiny that bears witness to the Master of our being.

It puts things into perspective.  That somewhere in between the global crises and the magical quarks, there is a human being next door, who has a name.  One that is known by this Master Creator, and who was lovingly and exactly designed to His standards, to His own whim.  For His pleasure.

That human being, clean or dirty, black or white, rich or poor, whether it be your neighbor, or your own child, or you yourself, deserves not only respect, but awe!  Joyful appreciation that they are alive at this moment and that you happened upon the discovery of that life, just as the scientists unexpectedly happened upon the existence of the quark.

Every piece of the Master’s puzzle falls perfectly into place and nothing, absolutely nothing can take the place of one of its pieces!  The puzzle is unique, ever changing as it moves throughout time, with people coming and going on their journeys.  Only the Master knows from and to where.

You, men of highest esteem, power and intelligence, I ask you…what is man that God is mindful of Him?  Yet if God Himself gives us a command to look after our brother and be sure he is fed, clothed and safe in our care, shouldn’t we look at our decisions, and the actions we are about to take today, reflecting that care, knowing that God is watching?

It is HIS show, and you are the caretakers of the stage.

Will today be a masterpiece, a tapestry of love, rich diversity and supply?  Or will it be a raining disaster?

If you have nothing in your hands, no power, no position or title, no riches or stature in society, you still have the God given power to do good to everyone who comes into your path today, beginning at home – with your spouse and your children, or your parents.

Everyone is in need.  The most powerful leader of the world can be desperately in need of many things that his money cannot buy.

For all our advances in medicine and technology, when all is said and done, it is up to the Master if you will take another breath, or embark upon a journey into His unknown.

Every question of health depends upon very simple things.  First, from the global view downwards, is that sin (or any wrongdoing that your heart knows you did wrong) brings death.  When you step out of line with the Master’s command, you instantly set in motion the command to self-destruct, and your body carries it out without fail.

“The wages of sin is death.”  Sin when it is conceived gives birth to the command to self-destruct, because it was spoken by God, and cannot be revoked except by forgiveness, or canceling out of that sin.

I don’t mean sin as in murder or even as large as adultery.  It can be something as small and hidden as the quark, that only your inner soul is aware of.  It might be that you held contempt for someone, (believing yourself to be of higher standing), or that you have not forgiven someone who hurt you, perhaps years ago.

On the other end of the scale, on the very bottom, the issue is love.  If a man is not loved, or perceives a lack of love, he cannot live.  Love is the essence of life, and it must be received and given.  The most vital first thing a baby needs to learn and we must continue to learn throughout our lives to remain on earth, is how to love others and how to accept love in return.

For some reason in our generation today, there is a break in the chain of love, and we have replaced it with anger and suspicion, self-righteous excuses for why we don’t attend to the needs of others, and most importantly, why we have neglected to love ourselves.

God’s command to us was to LOVE.  First to love Him, then ourselves and others.  If you leave out the love for self, you have broken the chain.  If you allowed someone in your life to deny you love, or convince you that you are not worthy of love, …OR,….if you yourself have condemned your actions, you have said to the universe, “I am not worthy of love” and therefore cut off your own supply of life force.

If you have denied love to another being, then you have broken the chain and the organism (you yourself) dies.

You and I are dying, not because we MUST, but because we have not learned to enter into the “kingdom” of the knowledge of love.

Biblical words that tried to convey this meaning are somewhat archaic at times.  We’re at a loss every day to express our true feelings, as they reach the core of us.  (This is why we need a living Spirit of God to reveal the secrets of the Word.)

All the things that have been said throughout history for our good can be reduced to one idea.  Love.  Love contains joy.  Love contains peace.  Love contains returning to God the acknowledgement that “all is well with what He has created.”  As God Himself said, “it is good.”

Who are we to call God a liar?  Let’s stop claiming all the bad, foretelling an evil future and prophesying death and disease!  Let’s stop worrying about flu shots and global economic crisis.  Let’s stop worrying about everything and do what is first – Love God.

His creation is perfect and all things were created on earth for our benefit, including the bacteria, viruses and ailments we have taken into our bodies as servants of our death wish.

When we turn off our self-condemnation, the bacteria will return to being beneficial, and the viruses will hold no harm to us.  They will return to the earth and be silent, as we rejoice in LIFE and life more abundantly.

That all begins today, dear friend, with the next action you take.  The next thought you have.  The love you choose or reject.  I leave it with you, and this warning.  God is watching, God is in you, and you cannot escape your own heart.  It knew right from wrong before you took your first breath.

God said, “I place before you life and death, choose life!”  I rejoice in the discovery of you, dear readers, and I welcome your emails and prayer requests.  God hears us!  I desire to hear you, and to acknowledge the pain and lack of love that you have been feeling.  I desire to point you to the One who loves you without fail, without pause, without condemnation.

He and I love you, and validate you and your needs.  Let us heal together, letting go of our need to die, our need to be sick, and instead entrust our past hurts to our Father God... and then run off to go play in His miraculous playground – to discover the earth and each other!

Would you like to meet the One?  His name is Jesus and He is the Son of the God who created you.  He gave His life and all that He had to rescue you from the bottomless pit of the lack of love, and from death and destruction.  He did it to bring you home into the arms of Father God.

If you meet Jesus and choose His life and the sacrifice (that cancels out sin once and for all), to apply to yourself also, then just ask, and you will begin the wonderful journey back into love and life and light.  And you will never die, never be alone, and never be misunderstood.  He will always love you; always gather you back into His arms and to our Father.

As God the Father pre-created all things that we would need until the end of time, He didn’t leave out one single factor.  He promised our food, our clothing, our healing and our protection.  He also promised eternal life.  These were the promises for those who follow Him and who believe on the One whom He has sent.  Jesus.  The Lamb who reconciled the world to its Creator, and fulfilled the law.

Some will choose to remain outside the protection and love of God, but He invites you to join Him at the table.  Come lay down your burdens and your faults, and take upon you the name of Christ and live.  Life was not meant to be a burden.  It was not meant to be about struggle and conquests, or amassing fortunes and huge mountains of possessions. 

It was about playing at the feet of God, and trusting Him for every thing that you need, as He watches you grow and enjoys that which He has created.  It is about worshipping the God who made you.  It is about discovering the “quarks” in love and how it can give you life.

God bless you!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
       your works are wonderful, 
       I know that full well."~Psalm 139:14


"The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, 
       the world, and all who live in it;" ~Psalm 24:1

And all created for our joy and delight.


"Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; 
       let them say among the nations, "The LORD reigns!"~
1 Chronicles 16:31

Rejoice in the Lord and discover all the hidden riches in His kingdom! 


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." ~Matthew 11:28 


  "All this also comes from the LORD Almighty, 
       wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom."~Isaiah 28:29

Oh Lord how magnificent are your works, and how perfect are your precepts!


"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."~Joshua 24:15



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