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October  2009


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Ten Steps To Being Happy And Successful!

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Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking a look at my newsletter.  I hope you're having a great day, enjoying the fall weather and are in perfect health!  

Our health is very important to me, as you'll see by the types of articles I post here.  I am constantly on a quest to find the most beneficial way to live, to think and to fill these bodies of ours with joy and purpose.  

I've recently discovered (from my own health problems) that some of them are caused by a perceived lack of love.  This opens up a great door of hope, to give us a starting place to seek wellness again.  (Not surprisingly, the Master of Love is Jesus and we're right back to Him again, aren't we?  :)  Praise God!)

To the left here are some of the goodies in this issue for you.  The article "What To Do Right Now If You're Broke And In Need" was very popular, in fact the demand for it shut down my website for a couple of weeks last month.  

Along with our family and world issues right now, depression is a very large problem for so many of us.  It seems to come out of nowhere and hit without warning.  Even when you know in your reasoning mind that there is nothing to be depressed about!  For you, I've included "Ten Steps To Being Happy And Successful".

I especially hope you'll enjoy the piece called "The Amazing Quark".  A few nights ago I saw a documentary on television about the discovery of the atom and sub-atomic particles.  This tiny little oddity called a quark is setting the scientific world on edge, because it refuses to obey the rules as we define them.

As I thought about the quark, I suddenly knew what I'd like to tell the world, and where we all fit in, in this puzzle called Love.

I sprinkled some of our family and town pictures there for you also, to remind you of things to love in your own corner of the world.

Finally, as written for the quark, I rejoice in the discovery of you, dear readers, and I welcome your emails and prayer requests.  God hears us!  

I desire to hear you, and to acknowledge the pain and lack of love that you have been feeling.  I desire to point you to the One who loves you without fail, without pause, without condemnation.

He and I love you, and validate you and your needs.  Let us heal together, letting go of our need to die, our need to be sick, and instead entrust our past hurts to our Father God... and then run off to go play in His miraculous playground to discover the earth and each other!

Only the garden visitor who is truly seeking its beauty will ever find its real secrets.  Please join me in my garden, often, as I bring you the new discoveries that are revealed to me.

God bless you, have a happy autumn! 


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News at my house:

You may have wondered where we went, since I haven't been able to post a new newsletter in so long.  First, Chris has needed extra attention with his exercising, and I've been tending to family needs all summer.  

Then a short while ago, as I was preparing to get out the August issue, the computer where my files are stored decided to die.  It won't even boot up, so I had to begin all over again.

It has been such a busy year but we're all safe and happy, and hope you are too!

Chris has had a restoration miracle, a renewed ability to walk, and we're deeply thankful to the Lord for being true to His Word!  Now as I listen to our favorite church CDs, (Life Christian Center International, Albany, GA), I am so excited anticipating the other miracles we're going to experience by apply the Word of Faith to our lives.

What that means is, instead of bad mouthing, poor mouthing and complaining, we're going to speak only those things that are good and lined up with God's Word.  Things like having our needs met, our bills paid and our bodies healed.  We know that God enables us to receive the things we need in order to fulfill His will for our lives.  God is GOOD!  He wants us to have good things and long lives filled with happiness and fellowship with Him.

The next newsletter will be a little different, as we've decided to chuck everything else in our lives and speak ONLY the power words and walk ONLY the power walk.

I'll pass on to you whatever we learn, or you can request the FREE CDs yourself from the church, or watch them live online at http://www.lcci.us/

Chris had gotten weaker and was having a lot of trouble standing (and my car was not working so well), so we signed up for physical therapy at home.

Two therapists came for 5 weeks, and at the beginning of their visits, God granted Chris another miracle. Chris was suddenly able to stand up and walk a short way without holding on, and his left arm has improved too.

Now it's up to me to continue the exercising, so I don't have as much time on the computer as I used to take.  It's a challenge to create a life that will allow Chris the reason to USE the walking ability.  Being able to is one thing, caring if you do is another.

My car is playing games with us.  Some days it works and some days it does weird things, like smoke pouring out of the engine, and brakes sticking and then Poof!  Nothing.  When Rod goes to investigate, or drives it himself, it runs like a dream.  (I claim in the name of Jesus that a new car that meets our needs is mine!  Thank you God!)

We're thankful for every blessing, and for the jobs that have started to come in again.  

I learned a LOT of things this year.  I learned to be content with what we have, not to freak if I don't know where money is coming from for an important bill, and to let a whole lot of things stop worrying me.  I see now that I was trying to play God, wanting to make life good for everyone I care about and wearing myself out in the process.  (Because it's not possible for us to make a life for anyone but ourselves.)

I've decided to let Jesus handle the world, even my own corner of it.  I'm just working on submitting graciously and instantly, so it's not a struggle to get from here to tomorrow.

God is SOOO good!  I hope you enjoy the goodies in this newsletter and hope to talk with you soon.

God bless you all!

Happy Autumn!  Happy Halloween!



Lisa Tyler


Mark Christopher Tyler, "Chris"

Rod's Race Car


Elaina McMillan

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