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Elaina McMillan, CHt

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Elaina McMillan has been a Hypnotherapist, Speaker, and Relationship Coach since 1997.  


Her expertise in the area of empowerment and relationship building has earned her invitations to speak in mediums ranging from television and radio, to women's events, as well as corporate, medical and teaching institutions.  But that's not all, she's funny, too.  


Elaina is also the co-host of radio's fastest growing talk show, The Sex & Intimacy Show (, a fun, edgy and informative show where no question is off limits and no topic is taboo.


In 2007, Elaina launched Hypnotica Love (, a company designed to offer practical tools to create more connection, more passion and more romance.  Through teleseminars, coaching, and Hypnosis products and services she continues to offer an ongoing resource for improved communication and relationships.

Elaina is also working on her new book, Confessions of a Frigid Wife: Coming Clean About Getting Dirty, a humorous and telling exploration of how to break out of the patterns that have held us back from being full self expressed in life and love.   


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