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November  2009

Praise - The Multi-Purpose Power Of The Saints

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"Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving and into His Courts with Praise"

"God inhabits the praises of His people"

Mathew 21:15,16

15But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonderful things that He did and the boys and the girls and the youths and the maidens crying out in the porches and courts of the temple, Hosanna (O be propitious, graciously inclined) to the Son of David! they were indignant.

    16And they said to Him, Do You hear what these are saying? And Jesus replied to them, Yes; have you never read, Out of the mouths of babes and unweaned infants You have made (provided) perfect praise?

Praise is sometimes for worship, sometimes used in thanksgiving, and sometimes to prepare the way for a miracle or a victory in war.

It's not surprising that the Holy God of the universe should expect praise from His creation, but it might be surprising to learn that praise is more than something we do to make God happy.

It actually accomplishes a purpose in the spiritual realm that manifests in an action here in the physical.

The words of our mouth, when lined up with God's Words, and when in answer to a command of God (such as to praise Him), become as a sword that nothing can stand against.

Dr. Jay Snell wrote in one of his wonderful (free) ebooks online:

"What is my part? It is to praise God. Just praise God. The greatest weapon you have is to praise God.  

·        When the going gets rough, just praise God.

·        When the whole world turns against you, just praise God.

·        When everybody in your family does not understand you, praise God.

·        When you get kicked out of your denomination, praise God.

·        No matter what happens, just praise God!

You will find that if you praise God enough, you do not need to get involved in war, for your praising God will be that which executes vengeance upon the heathen and punishment upon a wayward child of God. 

We need to learn how to praise God for He said to do it and execute vengeance upon the heathen and punishment upon the peoples in the process."

Praise God early and often, praise Him with joy, singing, dancing, clapping, laughter and by letting go of all your cares to run and play like a child again.  Trusting completely in God, your heart burning with the desire to be in His presence and to know the living God who created you.

First thing in the morning, as often as you think of Him, especially and on purpose gathering with family or friends to praise and worship.  

Turn on music, play music or just clap your hands and sing to the best of your ability.  Take songs you know and rewrite the words, giving thanks to God for the things you think of that He has done for you.  Use the Psalms or words others have used.

Give thanks also for the things you believe He is going to do for you, according to what He has promised you in His word.

Praise because it is written “He inhabits the praises of His people”. 

Psalm 149     

6Let the high praises of God be in their throats and a two-edged sword in their hands...

To praise God is to slay the armies of Satan in front of us, to knock down trees of spiritual blindness in our path and crush the boulders of opposition.

The praise from our lips and the Words of God in scripture, are the two edged sword we wield against the things of this world and our enemy’s stronghold.  

In the natural man, we are ensnared by the bonds and ropes of our addictions and temptations.  We are hemmed in by the rocky mountains of our past mistakes and grief.  We are blinded by the forests of the cares of this world and the propaganda of the enemy to send us off into the wrong paths.

Therefore, wield the sword of words and cut down the forest so that we can see.  Smash to bits the rocks of our past, and cut the ropes of our bondage with the Holy Word of God and the Praises from our lips of our victory, while we are yet cutting and smashing through!

Looking ahead to the victory, claiming it before we even get there, to make it through faster.  Never looking at circumstances around us, lest like Peter when he saw the waves and winds of his circumstances, began to sink when he walked on water.

Peter stood upon his circumstances, and supernaturally did what Jesus bid him to do.

We too, must stand upon our circumstances, not among them.  Rise above what we see and hear, and protect our eyes and ears from reinforcing our belief in the situation that we’re in.

Most importantly, we must protect our mouths from speaking anything that is contrary to the outcome we desire and must have to be victorious and accomplish the assignment God has set before us.  Protect your lips from speaking anything contrary to the type of words Jesus spoke.

For what comes out of our mouths will either secure our salvation or condemn us to death.  Examples:

·        Unforgiveness, (not forgiving those we're angry with),

·        Belief in the physical world’s problems having any effect on us, (listening to the news and reports of those who don't have supernatural belief triumphing over the natural system),

·        Evil speaking, (so many types of evil spoken today, could be simply negative belief in a bad outcome, or hateful prejudice, or murmuring against the authority of our country's leaders.)

·        Begrudging another person the good things of life or promotion, (being jealous when someone gets something you don't have, or when you think they are undeserving),

·        Denigrating another person while elevating yourself to a higher position, (gossip, making a case against someone),

·        Finding fault with the ways others do things, (not being grateful and appreciative),

·        Pointing out the sins of our neighbor instead of praying in our closets unceasingly for their well being and salvation.

Salvation means more than just being accepted into eternal life one day.  Salvation meaning - that miracle of God whereby He takes us into His hands personally and reworks every situation, every tendency towards sin, and creates a new creature, 

  • Whole and not sick
  • Rich, not in lack
  • Safe, not in danger
  • Content, not addicted
  • Aligned with God, not living in sin
  • Merciful, not condemning
  • Protected and victorious over every arrow the enemy could and does send against us, for His name’s sake, and for the sake of His Son Jesus who IS the Word of God manifest as God

We are truly a new creature, because God IS working on every single individual on earth who will be saved, or who has already called upon His name.  God is doing a work in their lives and like a precious embryo protected and hidden in a mother’s womb, it must have time to be perfected, to grow and it must be nurtured with love from God, and love from the saints.  (YOU are one of the saints if you believe Jesus died for your sins.)

When we speak a word against someone, or declare as a fact that "so and so will never amount to anything", or "this or that will never be done"…our very words have called God a liar and clipped the umbilical cord on that new work He was doing in their lives.  

We in fact, can stunt the growth and stop the destiny of that person by our sinful speech!

Until we can get our mouths under the control of the Holy Spirit, we will not be given the greater power to manifest things as quickly and powerfully as Christ did, lest we ruin all of His creation with our ignorant talk!

Therefore let us turn this around today, and believe every word of God!  And know that whatsoever thing we have need of, if we believe, we will receive it in the proper time.  

Let us learn to ABIDE in His Word, shedding from our consciousness the fears and preconceived "old" understanding of how things work in the natural, and taking upon us complete confidence and belief in God’s help and rescue taking precedence over those natural laws and the way things always happened for us in the past.

Those ways no longer apply to us, because we have been transformed into a supernatural kingdom operating on earth, while we are still alive and walking here.  The purpose is for sharing this message, sharing the knowledge and love of Jesus and His gift to all mankind.  

This message is for your enemy and your estranged brother, to your ex wife and ex husband, to the person who was the pebble in your shoe for years, and to the people of nations that are different than you and who hate you for Christ’s name’s sake.

To forgive means to cancel out any debt that this person owes you.  If they’ve been mean, cruel or unkind, that you completely wipe out the record against them.  You would no longer think of it or speak of it, even if someone asked you about it.

If they have harmed you, or stolen from you, or taken your position, you will back off and give them whatever they’ve taken, joyfully and finally, never wishing for it back or holding it against them in your heart. 

(This is what Christ meant when he said if someone slaps you on the cheek, don't hit back, but offer your other cheek and be willing to be assaulted for His name's sake.)

Even if it’s the government entity that cancelled your benefits, you will not be angry against them, because you know you are not dependent upon government agencies to give you support.  God Himself is your source for all things.  Whether it comes through a government check or a mysterious gift that appears out of “nowhere”.  

Many times it will not be an increase in money, but a decrease in need.  God accomplishes that many ways, and usually it's from a completely unexpected source!  He hides our rescue until the last moment and doesn’t give us a clue about where it will come from, so that we can’t gloat or give credit inappropriately.  

We need to credit God even when we think something came thru natural channels.  That’s how God operates.  He brings things into the natural flow to come to us, but it originated in the unseen spiritual world as a thought.

Do you understand that God uses people and natural channels to do His work?  That doesn’t mean it was not God’s help, but He caused “so and so” to “do this and that” for our benefit.

However, He also said that if people were to stop praising His name, the very rocks would cry out His praises, so He can surely use UNnatural means to bring you your help as well!

Praise God!

When you learn the secret of praising Him constantly and honoring His Word by studying and believing it, acting upon it as if you are certain it is so, you will walk into the miracle working life that He has promised us.

We're just 2009 years late in procuring the power Jesus was passing on to us, so let's hurry and get it right this time, in THIS generation!

God bless you!

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