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November  2009

How To Use The Power Of The Tongue 

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How to Use the Power of the Tongue


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"We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony"

I John 5:14-15

14 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:

15 And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. (KJV)


I have long known that the name of Jesus has power and that we have been given dynamic power by Christ and authority to come against all diseases, demons and situations on this planet that we need to, and be victorious!

His beating, the "stripes" He took for our sakes before the cross was to secure our healings of both physical and mental infirmities and diseases.  There was one stripe for each type of ailment known to man.

The blood that He shed on the cross for us, was for our spiritual healing and the reconciliation that brought us into the family of God.  We are now no longer sinners, but saints and actually adopted in and legalized CHILDREN of the Most High God.

I remembered that our healing is strengthened and assured when we give our testimony of the healing, and that we should claim it before it even appears in the natural.  Believe it, embrace it and let it become a part of you, and then it JUST IS.  You won't even notice sometimes that whatever you have asked for is now here!

We're told to be like Abraham and "call upon those things that be not, as though they were."  Abraham didn't have a son for many years but he believed that God told Him the truth, that he WAS the father of many nations and it would come to pass.  He was so certain of it, he changed his name, and unashamedly in front of the world called himself (a seemingly barren man) a father of many.

This is because ALL things come out of the unseen and the spiritual.  Faith itself is the "substance of that which is unseen, the evidence of the things hoped for."

Of COURSE you can't see it!  If you could see it happening, you couldn't say it was called faith, now could you?

But WHERE is the power, where does it hide and how do you use it!?

It is in your mouth!  Of all places to hide the strongest weapon on earth, it is given to your unruly tongue to "build" your desired world around you with your own spoken words!  

The scriptures we can use to call forth the things we need, can be found in the faith confessions on this site and my Blessing Meadows Ministries site.  There are nearly 200 affirmations where scripture has been turned around into a statement to claim something we need.  Pick your favorite or applicable ones and repeat them out loud several times each day.  It will come to pass!

The Bible says "The Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue", but it also says no man can tame his tongue.

How then are we supposed to bring it under our control and assume the power and authority of Jesus, to be His representative and ambassador on earth?

The key is that the natural man cannot, but the spiritual man, anointed with the Holy Spirit, can on purpose bring his words under submission to the will of God, and do what is not possible without God.  As we grow into the character of God, (2 Peter) we will find this easier.  See article on praise for what NOT to say.

Pastor Stan Glass of LCCI and Dr. Jay Snell both say:

"We must confess with our mouth, saying the same thing as God says in Scripture, to apply it to ourselves and to receive what we’ve asked for.

[For salvation,] We must say, "Yes, Jesus Christ died for me two thousand years ago and His death is still valid. Therefore, I will receive Him as my Savior and I will confess Him as Lord. With the words of my lips, I will move right into everything He has already done." 

This is how you do it for healing, financial blessings, family well-being and salvation.

When we attack sickness we use WORDS - the power of death and life that is in our tongue.

"Aeneas, Jesus Christ makes you well, arise, take up your bed."

How do I do it? I do it with words. I will turn on that thing with words. I will do exactly what Jesus and the apostles did. I will say, "I rebuke you, sickness, in the name of Jesus. Come out of that man's body and leave him whole." That is how authority is exercised. When I encounter someone that is demon possessed, I will turn on that thing and I will rebuke it. I will say to that thing, "Foul spirit, come out of that woman's body in the name of Jesus." That is authority. That is how you exercise it. You do it with words."

Here is Dr. Snell's powerful 7 step formula that He describes in detail in the Battle Prayer For Healing.  Use these steps in the order they are in and don't leave any out!  It works, we use it a lot!

(1) Praise (words) the Lord.

(2) Pray (words) for God to remove the pain from the person's body and heal the cause of it. (in Jesus' name)

(3) Bind the devil using words. (in Jesus' name)

(4) Cast out the demon with words. (in Jesus' name)

(5) Command (words) the pain to leave their body. (in Jesus' name)

(6) Kill their disease with words. (in Jesus' name)

(7) Speak healing into their body. (in Jesus' name)

I hope you will check out his work, his website is so extensive and almost every subject you will ever wonder about is covered in his FREE writings.  He speaks in an easy to understand way and I believe his work will bless you!

You can find his work at www.jaysnell.org and these are two of the chapters of one of his free ebooks I really liked.



Dr. Snell says:

"In [the famous] passage [that Jesus spoke on the mount], ask, seek and knock are in the Greek present tense which denotes continuous action in present time. Therefore, this passage reads, "Ask and keep on keeping on asking and it shall be given unto you; seek and keep on keeping on seeking and ye shall find; knock and keep on keeping on knocking and it shall be opened unto you."

This is how we fight sickness, demons or our circumstances.  We stand on the promises of God, knowing that as long as we don't give up, WE WILL receive what we've asked for.  God promised and He doesn't lie!  EVER!


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